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Hector has his own Instagam Account, please do consider following hectorhouse_casa

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A month with a dog

It's been a month now, and boy o boy what a month its been. It has been harder than I thought but very rewarding. When we first welcomed Hector
  • I had firm ideas of what he would be allowed to do or be on... he taught me flexibility.
  • When we said hello I slept 8hours a night.... he's taught me you can just about survive on 3.
  • When we got Hector I thought that I had the patience of a Saint... he taught me to dig deeper.
  • When we accepted Hector there was only one male that made me smile broadly and make me belly laugh....hes taught me to let in another.
Hector is one of the family and a very much loved and pampered pooch. Here's to more;dog hugs; unintentional bruises & scratches; slobber; hectorcise; sit paw; running like Tigger; protecting the family home. PLEASE PLEASE, NO MORE. poop scoop retching; pulled backs; upset dog tummies; chewed cables; sleepless nights and items stolen.

I feel very blessedLove him x
Updated August 2nd 2019

Mistreated & abandoned dogs

I honestly don't know how anyone can mistreat or abandon a dog. After just 2 weeks of Hector being in our home, I can't imagine my day without him. He is family.

Mistreated and abandoned dogs are a real issue here in Spain. The figures are very high. Birth of the unwanted, and the dogs abandoned at the end of the hunting season. (please don't get me started on the ones who have their lives shortened deliberately!!! )

If you are ever considering getting a pooch. Please do consider adopting. Ever consider adopting from abroad? The dogs and the charities will love you for it. I have provided some useful links on this page for those who are looking for charities to adopt a pooch.
Updated Jult 14th 2019

Hector has his own Instagam Account, please do consider followinghectorhouse_casa

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