Hay-fever sucks

Hay-fever SUCKS. It sucks big time. 

Mother Nature is funny, isn't she?! "Hey, enjoy the scenery, but also here's a face full of pollen just for you." HAY-FEVER IS THE ULTIMATE BUZZKILL.  Are you waking up in the mornings as tired as you went to bed? Do you drag yourself to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and recoil when your reflection looks like you have had two rounds with Mike Tyson? Are your eyes and nose battling it out for who can run the fastest and for the longest? Join the Hay fever Club. Not a club that I actually enjoy being part of if I am honest with you. If you have some or all of the following, then you're probably suffering from Hay-fever, or a cold, or both if you're REALLY unlucky!

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy throat, eyes, ears
  • Wheezing
  • Tiredness
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Watering eyes
  • Loss of smell
  • Headache
Living in Spain means facing off against Mother Nature's floral army. March April and into May can be the peak for orange and olive blossom, and I suffer badly because of it. I can't help but take in long drags of their perfume as it draws you in, hypnotising you, the citrus fragrance begging you to take bigger deeper drags each time. Thankfully, I only really seem to be suffering from the dreaded olive blossom, which just gets everywhere when the valley winds whip through.

I have tried antihistamine (twice daily) eye drops, nasal spray, and Vaseline up my nose -  but this year they seem less successful at helping me lead a normal life.So, I'm on a mission to conquer hay fever without surrendering to a double daily pill-popping routine. Do you have any additional ones for me to try out? (Please comment below)

  1. Nettle Tea: Because who needs weeds in the garden when you can brew them into a soothing cuppa? Apparently, nettles are like nature's multivitamin, with anti-inflammatory powers that could rival a superhero.

  2. Quercetin: Picture this – it's like having your own personal bodyguard against hay fever. Found in fruits, veggies, and even supplements, quercetin swoops in to save the day by battling inflammation and throwing histamines off their game.

  3. Vitamin C: It's not just for fighting off scurvy any more. Vitamin C swoops in like a caped crusader, knocking out inflammation and boosting your immune system. Plus, it's a natural antihistamine, so you can bid those sneeze attacks adieu.

  4. Hydration: Remembering to drink water is like giving your body a high-five. Stay hydrated, and you'll keep histamines at bay while giving your liver a break from processing all that wine (though, let's be real, a little wine now and then won't hurt....and how much is too much - asking for a friend!).

  5. Local Honey: It's like a sweet little immunity boost straight from your neighbourhood bees. A spoonful of local honey a day might just keep the hay fever blues away.

So, fellow hay fever warriors, what's your secret weapon against nature's pollen onslaught? Share your remedies in the comments below – let's battle this sneeze-fest together!

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Rose Vincent
"Thank you so much Tracey. I have suffered with rhinitis for many years. In the past couple of years my symptoms have flared up during the hayfever season. Local honey has helped, so has sipping water all through the day and also an over the counter product called Sterimar� for those that do not know is 100% natural micro-diffused sea water which when sprayed into the nasal cavities literally flushes out the sinuses (tipping the bead upside down for a few secs for extra benefit!!!) I will be trying Nettle Tea too!! Great article thanks again Tracey!! Xxx"
Anita Strobridge
"Great piece about the inflammation . Much prefer natural than meditation. Taking B12 vitamins to help repair my aches and pains . And I have to say early days but feeling the benefit. Even walking the grandchildren to school and feeling good for it with out pain.. slowly but surely I'll get there. Thank you for the tips. "


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