Who is Tracey Bartlett

Who is Tracey Bartlett?

I'm a long-legged part-time pescatarian with a passion for walking, the outdoor life, nature, and writing. A wife; mother; grandmother; and doggie-mum living in gorgeous Spain. My life hasn't always been sun and sangria. I used to have a very different life in the UK, like everyone else, I worked too many hours just to pay the bills. I've has periods where live has been difficult; with severe eczema; school bullying; assault; abusive marriage; workplace sexual harassment, but that's just made me more resilient and stronger. You're given opportunities in life to learn some valuable lessons. I have finally found true love, inner peace, and eventually moved abroad to sunny Spain in 2019. 

"Don't be envious. My life is what it is today, because of what I went through yesterday"  ~ Me x

I have always loved writing. I began with mini stories at school, my English teacher was always telling me to “slow down!” when scribing, as my pen in hand couldn't keep up with the words that were flooding out onto the page. I decided to use my love of writing to update this website, in the hope it would provide some useful information for others. And I also offer blogging services for others.

I love helping others. This is why I used to run my own business (Business Helpers) providing assistance to busy business owners, offering VA, on-site support, management and training services. As a result, my clients often became good friends, and we've kept in touch despite the business closing due to our move to Spain.

I have helped many charities. I get great satisfaction from it. As Anne Frank said, "No one has become poor from giving" I've enjoyed raising awareness and raising funds for worthy causes through action rather than putting money in a tin. I also use those opportunities to challenge myself, here are some of the things I have done:
As you can see from some of the above, I love walking! I walk everywhere. No matter where I live, I organise a walking group to share that passion. Here in Spain, I am blessed with so many beautiful areas to hike in. Walking is my way of meditating and de-stressing. I just love being in the open space and listening to the sounds of nature.

I am blessed, waking up in Spain each day. 

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