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WalkTallSpain is a group of friends exploring the beautiful open areas around where we live, without the vulnerability of walking alone. Together we enjoy walking, exploring, socialising and improving our fitness, following known, tried and tested routes, sought by myself and my friends.
"I love to Walk, I am Tall and I live in Spain - hence the name WalkTall - a positive term for one's confidence and bravery, which is something I feel we need when living abroad. We come together to share a love of walking, with a positivity to help uplift and encourage those with the aim to get fitter, or who may be struggling to settle here in Spain" - Tracey x 

WalkTallSpain FAQs

Who can join the group walks?

No matter your height, all are welcome, as long as you're fit enough to walk. This is not a 'head-down-fast walking kind of group', but one that encourages walking at a reasonable pace to cover the area, whilst enjoying the surrounding beauty of the Spanish countryside, and the tourist attractions along the way. If you want a fast-paced walking group, unfortunately this may not be the group for you. As a gauge, walkers must be able to walk a minimum distance of 5 miles (ca. 8 km), and at a reasonable pace of 3mph. We're a mixed bunch of residents and non-residents of mostly British nationality.

Can you explain about personal/individual responsibility?


I am not formally trained. I organise these walk sessions; but we all walk them at our own risk; and are all personally/individually responsible for ourselves and our belongings. I will not be made liable. Please note that I do not have public liability insurance and I strongly recommend that anyone walking with me, be that on a solo walk, recce walk, or group walk, take out their own rescue and personal medical insurance in case of an accident on a walk. If you're visiting the area for a holiday, you should check that your travel insurance cover is sufficient. If you find that it doesn't then please ensure that you take out extra cover for the sport of walking and hiking. You should discuss your needs for insurance with your insurance advisor. Anyone who attends the walk and shows signs of illness or intoxication will be refused to attend that walk for their own safety and that of the rest of the group. From 2024 all walkers will be required to sign a disclaimer before attending (see the related links on this page)

To reiterate - each member is solely responsible for their safety, well-being, insurance and belongings on the walks. Tracey will not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or losses that may occur.

  • You must have signed a declaimer and handed this to me on your first walk, stating that you're responsible for your own safety and that I am not to be made liable (see related links on this page)
  • You have read each walk description before attending it. Ensuring you have decided that this walk matches your current fitness and ability for distance, ascent, and terrain. And that you are capable of walking it without hindrance.
  • You arrive before the start time. The group will not wait, even if you have said you're coming
  • You must not walk if intoxicated, unwell or injured. Anything that will impact your health further or affect the group's pace
  • You must NOT leave the walking route without first letting myself know (not another walker)
  • You must stay in visual contact with the people ahead of you and behind you, particularly at junctions.
  • If someone is dropping back I will tend to hang back to watch out for them, if you are at the front, you must stop and wait for others to catch up.
  • You must have checked the weather on the day and made your own decision to attend the walk based on your findings, and be appropriately dressed
  • You must take all rubbish home with you

What should be brought to each walk?

  • positive attitude and love of walking
  • appropriate clothing & footwear for the weather and route (including additional clothing if the wind picks up or for extended stops)
  • torch (law on roads at low light)
  • hi-vis (law on roads at low light)
  • whistle for attracting attention
  • food and drink appropriate for the route duration, energy levels required, and weather
  • first aid kit (and basic first aid knowledge)
  • charged mobile phone
  • emergency contact number (easy to locate should it be required)
  • TIE / Passport  (if an emergency permits it being shown)

Are dogs and children welcome?

Due to the social nature of the group walks, the group is not open to children. I ask that dogs are not included out of respect for group members who are not comfortable around them, have allergies or have fears. 

Can you tell me about the walk routes?

They are usually within a 25-mile (ca. 40 km) radius of Albox, Spain. Focused mostly around Almanzora, Albox, Cantoria, and up in and around the mountains of Oria, although the area is starting to become extended. The route distance varies between 5 miles (ca. 8 km) and 10 miles (ca. 16 km). Each route's mileage and terrain is clearly indicated in the descriptions of each walk. They are typically organised for Wednesdays, with some occasional Saturdays. The times are mid-afternoon to the late evening, depending on the time of year.  You pick and choose the walks you want to attend based on the route information provided. Some routes will include tourist centres of interest and a local bar, where these are included everyone is responsible for ordering and paying for their own refreshments/tickets.

How much does this cost?

From 2024 there may be a small donation asked per walk to cover my walk related expenses including Apps and website

Are photos taken?

Images are taken by myself and others. These are shared within our closed Facebook walking group. Some are shared on personal social media. I may also use photos on this website. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN this walking group if you do NOT want any image/s used online. By coming on the walks, it will be taken that permission has been given.

How do I join?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me. If you agree with the above, want to improve your health and explore the local area, then request to join the Walking Group on Facebook to learn about future walks.

(It is a PRIVATE Facebook group which is searchable, but unless someone is a member, they will not be able to see who is in the group, or the contents shared on the group. New Facebook group members are required to answer a few questions before being allowed admittance)

Previous comments

Julie Tese
"Really enjoyed my first walk with Tracey in a friendly and sociable group of 16 walking out in a circular route from Almanzora along some of the Via Verde a disused railway line, which meant the route was nearly all flat! I am just visiting rather than resident but was made welcome and really enjoyed having a local Spaniard for mutual language practice as we walked. It was a lovely walk with great views, interesting history, some beautifully scented blossom and even a family of ibex watching us from a crest. Really enjoyed the beer and chat afterwards with most of the group. If I lived locally I would be joining this group regularly because Tracey obviously knows her routes, and there's safety and companionship in numbers. "
Gilli Evans
"Living at the base of the Clwydian Range of mountains, my weekly walk up Moel Famau after moving to Spain was missed. It's always great to have company walking, so I joined this group on the advice of a friend Debs, Tracey the organiser has been a great guide on some lovely walks, so looking forward to many more. Great friendly people with like minds to walk with too."
Geoff Murrell
"I am interested in getting fitter, losing some weight, improving my health and enjoying the beautiful Spanish countryside, so I joined the group with the intention of joining some of the less strenuous walks, certainly to begin with. Thank you Tracey for taking me on some lovely local walks. If you are thinking of joining a walk, but aren't sure if you are fit enough, can I recommend talking to Tracey about 1-2-1 walking, as preparation for the group walks "
Melanie Rayner
"This group has been the tonic l needed, walking with like-minded people who love walking. The walks l have done have been fantastic, truly amazing scenery. What a fabulous group l have joined. Great chats along our walks. Thank you, Tracey."
Victoria Battman
"I love being outside and walked a lot when I lived in the UK, finding this group and feeling safe in a yet unknown area has been brilliant. Tracey has been a very knowledgeable and helpful guide, she really knows her stuff, I really look forward to walk days!!"
Deborah Parker
"I have always fancied joining a walking group so when this came up on my FB last year I was so excited. I have not been disappointed. Tracey is so thorough & organised and covers everything we need to know to be safe. All the walks are done previously & carefully planned! The walks are so interesting, and I would never have explored so much of our beautiful area if it wasn't for this walking group. Everyone I have met is really friendly and considerate to others needs. It really is something that I wake up to think hooray it's my walking day. So I'm buzzing!!! Gracias Tracey xx"
Christine Ross-Harper
"This walking group has just been the tonic I need... as walking on my own was not much fun... walking with Tracey and seeing sights you would never see from the road are just incredible... and meeting new people ... highly recommend if you are an avid walker "
Tina Holloway
"I've never been naturally sporty or particularly active & can struggle to find exercise that I actually enjoy. I have always liked walking but unfortunately my husband doesn't! I can walk into town from where I live but would not feel confident to go off track by myself. This group is perfect for me. I pick the walks to suit me. I am going to progress to the more challenging ones during 2023."
Dan Daniels
"The group explores different areas around Albox (and sometimes further afield). The participants are friendly and welcoming making each walk enjoyable. Tracey has shown me parts of the Spanish countryside I would not have found by myself. Thanks for arranging the walks - its a great way of having a healthy body, mind and soul. "
Rik De Gruytere
"I have joined the group recently. I met a group of very friendly people. Tracey knows her way around, the walks are diverse and interesting. I can recommend Walk Tall to everyone that likes walking or wants to start to walk."
Cora Unk
"You don't go for walking alone in the mountains. It's very nice Tracey started this group with all kind of people who are interested in walking. Whether it's for fun, your health or to meet new people. Short walks or longer one's, Tracey knows some very nice routes to go. I will certainly join more walks. Thanks Tracey! "
Paul Hyde
"Tracey and I chatted one day about improving my health, after I'd recently decided to lose some weight and get a bit fitter. Not only did she inspire me to make the first step by agreeing to walk regularly, but also to accommodate my 'awkward' need to start early in the morning as I do still need to go to work. Absolutely love the experience and seeing the area we live in with such a different view and perspective. Thank you and well done Tracey Bartlett "
Linda Noel
"A really healthy & interesting way to get to know the area. By walking together and sharing our ideas and thoughts, we all benefit from each other. The group which I'm lucky to be part of is informal, fun and friendly. Tracey our coordinator and inspiration, is very good at finding fascinating walks.I would fully recommend giving it a go. "
Tracy Clarke
"This is a very Friendly group & a great way to meet your neighbours & enjoy our beautiful surroundings. "
Barbara Taor
"The walking group has given me a happy way to keep fit and to see more of the beautiful Almanzora Valley. I have also met some lovely new friends to walk and talk with. Its just win win. Thanks Tracey Bartlett ."


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