CDNAO - Spanish Walking Club

New Adventure Sports Club of Oria - Club Deportivo Nueva Aventura de Oria. 

It's no secret that I love walking. It's my passion. That's why I run my own walking group. It's also no secret that I'm finding Spanish difficult to learn. Combine the two, and learning Spanish is a little easier, easier than sitting in a classroom setting anyway. 
I followed Andres and his walking group on social media when I moved to Oria and loved the photos he posted of the walking routes they'd completed. I was jealous. Some of them were simply stunning. Sometimes he'd have a small group, sometimes a large group. Some walks are local to Oria, some much further afield. This is a fantastic organisation to follow on social media, even if you don't want to move far from your sunbed!

I was initially worried about meeting up with a group of complete strangers, especially as I knew my Spanish is basic, despite trying to learn. Nerve-racking as that was, and knowing it would be for several hours, I felt the fear and did it anyway. I shouldn't have worried, they are a warm and welcoming group. They're very patient too & have a giggle over my attempts to learn their language, whilst I enjoy helping them with their English. I'm learning a lot about the local area and traditions through Andres too, which is an added bonus. Walking with CDNAO makes me feel more confident exploring local areas not familiar to me as yet, areas I can then walk my dog, and take my own walking group.

How to connect and contact this group

You can follow this walking group via their Facebook and  Instagram and Blog website where they show many of the walks they have completed. And they provide information about other walking groups, the local area and walk related subjects. You can contact Andres on +34 619 90 00 09 or email at [email protected]

The walks I have enjoyed with this Spanish walking group

  • Jan 2022 - Oria, El Collado This was adapted on the morning due to the lack of numbers. This was a fun walk that was initially 15 km, but to everyone's amusement ended up being 22km.
  • Nov 2021 - The Chaplaincy and The Loma de los Pobres This was my first taste of meeting this group. I loved the walk and now walk around that same area many times.

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