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You know that feeling when you take the first sip of your morning cuppa? When you bring that wine glass to your lips at the end of the day? Or that moment boys when you open an ice cold can of beer on a warm summer’s day? That “ahhhhhh” moment is how I felt having a Hot Stone Massage. Hot Stone Massage is a variation of the classic massage. After a couple of busy weeks with far too many 15 hour days at my computer, I needed something to help me relax, unwind, soothe a poorly back and feel more ‘me’ again.

What should you expect from a Hot Stone Massage?

In the privacy of my own home I experienced my first session. A table was set up and various sized stones using a Vulsini Hot Stone Heating Bag was prepared. Music played emitted calming sound waves helping with the relaxation process. After completing a short medical questionnaire I was left for a few moments to disrobe and get settled. 

Upon re-entering the room the practitioner made sure that I was comfortable and began my Hot Stone Treatment. I had a preconceived idea that the massage would be painful; I had enough experience walking barefoot on a pebble beach to know that me and pebbles don’t mix. I wrongly assumed the same would apply during the hot stone massage. Basalt stones were used, which are rich in iron to help retain heat, and are naturally smooth black volcanic rocks. I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful they felt on my skin and on my tired muscles. The stones get worked over the body in sliding strokes with the aid of massage oil, using their warmth and agreeable pressure to relax muscles and dissipate knots, I had plenty of those! I get cold easily, so having the stones placed over various parts of my body whilst others were used to massage, made me feel snug as a bug in a rug!

We started on my front, having my back, feet and the back of my legs massaged, and then I was invited to roll onto my back where the front of my legs, arms, hands and shoulders were massaged. The session took between 60-90 minutes. The effect of having heat applied to the body is known to help increase circulation, provides relief from pain and can help reduce inflammation and tissue stiffness. A session of Hot Stone Massage can help calm the nervous system and promote better sleep, it is believed to have health benefits for people suffering from 

  • fibromyalgia
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • muscular pain
  • poor circulation
  • rheumatic and arthritic conditions
  • back pain
  • stress
Why not give it a try for yourself and feel the benefits.

Do you offer a Hot Stone Massage service? Please comment below with a short bio of what you offer and your name and contact details.

Have you experienced this therapy? What did you think about it? Anyone that you can recommend

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