Sometimes our perceived problem isn’t the underlining problem. Before you start thinking of a pendulum swinging, leaving you standing on one foot and barking please be reassured,THAT is the onstage ‘entertainment’ form of hypnosis. What I am talking about here is hypnotherapy. 

  • Are you stressed and anxious? 
  • Do you want to lose weight or give up smoking? 
  • Do you have other issues that you want help with? 
It could be worth considering hypnotherapy!

In the past I have listened to Apps to help with any sleeping difficulties, or to relax before a stressful event, so I was interested to hear about relaxation hypnotherapy sessions and I decided to give it a try. This preparation time is extremely important for building a rapport and trust, which is crucial.  

"Sometimes our perceived problem isn’t the underlining problem" ~ Jane 
Jane will be able to peel away those layers to get to the root cause.

Can I be hypnotised?

With her relaxed nature I was instantly put at ease and was shown to a reclining chair and asked to put headphones on. The headphones are optional, but I would recommend them as it helps to shut off any noise outside. The hypnotist spoke through a microphone, accompanied with light background music, listening to her voice I soon found myself drifting into a light daze. Stage by stage I was taken into a deeper trance. It wasn’t long before I was aware that my hands tingled and felt numb, I remember how amused I felt about it. 

I was fully aware of going into a day dreaming state. I wished I had fully inclined as I was conscious of my head drooping, this continued until I was blissfully in a fully relaxed state. Jane continued to speak to me softly, reassuring me and reframing. She kept reinforcing the positive.

We have a conscious mind that handles our day to day processes like eating and getting dressed. We also have a subconscious mind which is the part of the brain that a hypnotherapist taps into to give the messages that will help with the issues which needs addressing. It’s worth noting that this is a very safe therapy that you can bring yourself out of at any time, without any adverse effects. 

Before I knew it, I was being counted back and I really didn’t want to get to the number ‘5’ as I wanted to stay as I was! I left my session feeling light and relaxed in a positive state of mind ready to visit my next client. I will most definitely be booking future sessions.

If you are tempted but worried. I would like to stress that qualified hypnotherapists are bound by many rules and regulations; confidentiality is strict. This is certainly a therapy I could see myself learning more about! 

I would love to hear about your experiences, or maybe you practice hypnotherapy and would like to add to what I have said here.

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Have you experienced this therapy? What did you think about it? Anyone that you can recommend

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