Sometimes our perceived problem isn’t the underlining problem. Before you start thinking of a pendulum swinging, leaving you standing on one foot and barking please be reassured,THAT is the onstage ‘entertainment’ form of hypnosis. What I am talking about here is hypnotherapy. 

  • Are you stressed and anxious? 
  • Do you want to lose weight or give up smoking? 
  • Do you have other issues that you want help with? 
It could be worth considering hypnotherapy!

In the past I have listened to Apps to help with any sleeping difficulties, or to relax before a stressful event, so I was interested to hear about relaxation hypnotherapy sessions and I decided to give it a try. This preparation time is extremely important for building a rapport and trust, which is crucial.  

Sometimes our perceived problem isn’t the underlining problem ~ You peel away those layers to get to the root cause.

Can I be hypnotised?

With my hypnotists relaxed nature, I was instantly put at ease and was shown to a reclining chair and asked to put headphones on. The headphones are optional, but I would recommend them as it helps to shut off any noise outside. The hypnotist spoke through a microphone, accompanied by light background music, listening to her voice I soon found myself drifting into a light daze. Stage by stage, I was taken into a deeper trance. It wasn’t long before I was aware that my hands tingled and felt numb, I remember how amused I felt about it. 

I was fully aware of going into a daydreaming state. I wished I had fully inclined as I was conscious of my head drooping, this continued until I was blissfully in a fully relaxed state. My therapist continued to speak to me softly, reassuring me and reframing. She kept reinforcing the positive.

We have a conscious mind that handles our day-to-day processes like eating and getting dressed. We also have a subconscious mind, which is the part of the brain that a hypnotherapist taps into to give the messages that will help with the issues which needs addressing. It’s worth noting that this is a very safe therapy that you can bring yourself out of at any time, without any adverse effects. 

Before I knew it, I was being counted back, and I really didn’t want to get to the number ‘5’ as I wanted to stay as I was! I left my session feeling light and relaxed in a positive state of mind ready to visit my next client. I will most definitely be booking future sessions.

If you are tempted but worried. I would like to stress that qualified hypnotherapists are bound by many rules and regulations; confidentiality is strict. This is certainly a therapy I could see myself learning more about! 

I would love to hear about your experiences, or maybe you practice hypnotherapy and would like to add to what I have said here.

Do you offer a Hypnotherapy service? Please comment below with a short bio of what you offer and your name and contact details.

Have you experienced this therapy? What did you think about it? Anyone that you can recommend

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Mark Hockey DHP Acc Hyp
"Hypnotherapy has got to be the most pleasurable relaxed therapy available to resolve issues with people. I've had so many clients love it so much that they ask if they could ring me late in the evening, and could I help them into that wonderful dream sleepy state again... There's nothing better than seeing someone leave a session living a better way of life than how they walked in. "


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