What's Christamas look like to you?

Each Christmas saw a change as our kids got older, however, decorating the tree with my girls whilst singing along to Michael BublĂ© whilst sipping on a Melbec never changed! However, It was hard for me as a mum to accept that I no longer needed to nibble carrots, sprinkle flour on the floor or find out where Santa was on a minute by minute basis... I suppose at 20 it got a tad embarrassing for them lol. But over the years, we spent some memorable quality time as a blended family. Which is something I will always cherish, and have hundreds of photos to look back on. 

Our Christmas permanently changed when we moved to Spain. 

The magic that was Christmas, faded even more. I made a conscious decision to make Christmas completely different here. To start new traditions. To make it very different, more relaxed and lacking all the commercial enticements. 

We agreed, as a couple
  • not to buy for each other
  • stop sending out Christmas cards, preferring to donate to charities instead
  • put up minimal decorations
  • not to cook a traditional Christmas dinner
Before you say it, we aren't being ba-humbug. We've simply chosen to go against the 'norm' for this time of the year, and making Christmas how we want it, to fit around our lifestyle here in Spain.

Do I miss Christmas Past? 

Yes and No. There's no more breaking the bank, flexing the credit card, fighting the crowds, writing lists and checking it twice. No more cleaning & cooking a feast like the King himself was coming to stay, or trying to keep up with the latest Instagrammable Christmas decoration trends. I certainly don't miss that 5lb that creeps up on you.

We're blessed with our freedom, good health, happiness, and the knowledge that our immediate family are too. Which are invaluable gifts that money just can't buy, nor be wrapped in a box with a pretty bow on top. 

It's quiet. It's different. It's our new norm. 

I do miss some of our old traditions. Christmas games that took weeks of planning. Sitting together as one big family. Stockings at the end of the bed regardless of age! I mostly miss having young 'kids' at this magical time. But our girls now have their own Christmas customs, with some enjoying their own family traditions, and version of Santa's little helper for our grandchildren (I'm smiling now, just thinking of this). The Christmas-tinsel-decorated baton has been handed down. 

What's for Christmas To Come?

Often the sun is shining down on us and after spending Christmas morning FaceTiming family and friends, we take a walk in the local countryside or beach, whilst a curry is cooking in the slow cooker. We cosy up for an evening watching Christmas movies (except that one year I forgot to put the slow cooker on, and we enjoyed a liquid dinner). For us, it's now about spending quality time together as a couple, and watching from the side lines as our family and friends enjoy theirs In the UK 

Wherever you are; 
Whoever you're with; 
Whatever you're doing; 
However you celebrate it.

I hope that your Christmas is a good one, with peace, understanding, kindness and love.

Feliz Navidad x

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