Do you suffer from Migraines?

I was very interested to hear that a physiotherapist friend of mine had a speciality in Migraines. As a long term sufferer I have had what seems like hundreds of visits to the doctor over the years. I was told they were probably hormone related and I was even tested for early menopause in my early 40’s. However, the attacks got frequent (twice a month), more severe & lasted longer (up to 4 days). Each attack made me despondent, and I worried that it was affecting my business as I planned my clients (and social diary) around when I thought attacks were likely to happen, it was becoming a real inconvenience! Sound familiar?

I booked an initial assessment of Physio and it was during this appointment that I was told migraines are often blamed on hormones when they can often be prevented with improved posture. Posture? I was a bit dubious! After all, wouldn’t the doctor have mentioned this? 

However, her comment struck a chord with me. At almost 6 foot I have always slouched or stooped. A throwback from school I suppose, from failed attempts to hide away and prevent the bullying. Then I started work in the mid 80’s, one desk job followed another, where it would appear I picked up some pretty nasty habits. Then there’s my more recent evening habit of putting my feet up beside me on the sofa. Tut!

“But surely it couldn’t be as easy as adjusting my posture?” I hear you say!

I was told that I had the worst case of stiffness of the mid back that was seen that year. That didn’t sound good. But with the combination of the Physio's magic touch; doing the exercises I was taught; and following her advice about the equipment I should use at my desk, I have now gone migraine free!

I’m keen to avoid the migraines returning, so I am being very careful about my posture, and doing the daily exercises diligently. When you see me next, and you see me slouching… you have my permission to tell me off!

I would love to hear your experiences.

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Jess Godden
"Cool stuff my lovely thank you for the info I shall go to her when I am back from hols xxx"


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