Freelance Writer

Everyone has a book inside them

I have always loved writing. I began with mini stories at school, my English teacher kept telling me to “slow down!” when scribing, as my pen in hand couldn't keep up with the words that were flooding out onto the page. I totally missed words and my spelling went right out of the window. Then, the computer came along and put a stop to writer’s cramp, offered a spell check, thesaurus, and ability to write as quickly as my brain would allow. 

As I was cannon shot into adulthood, I eventually made a business around writing copy for clients, as many didn't have the time, or know where to start. I had a knack of getting their product or services across in a storytelling way. This developed further to include social media posts. With my love of helping others and writing, this seemed an ideal partnership. But only to a point! Some subjects are harder to write about than others. It didn’t sit well with me, focusing on people's fears as I tried to make them consider the benefits of a security system for their home, and what would happen to their family if they didn’t. 

I became a volunteer and trustee for a complementary therapy charity, which re-ignited a love of therapies. A year later I started working part-time in a centre offering therapies, physio, and classes. During this period, my client base changed, offering a host of services around wellbeing. That’s when I found a niche. Positivity and wellbeing. I LOVE writing about this field. 

When I moved to Spain, my business was closed. With time on my hands, I was intending to dive right into my dream of writing a book. We all have one in us. I have a novel or two. The problem is, I couldn’t get past a paragraph or chapter. I wanted to open myself up, to help others by telling my stories, but my fear overrode this at every opportunity, until I gave up even trying. I found something else to occupy my time. Walking. 

I walked everywhere. I began a walking club to share that passion. Here in Spain, where I live, I am blessed with so many beautiful areas to hike in. Then I had an A-HA! moment. I will write about my walks. I will share the maps, the step-by-step directions, some photos. I could become a WALKING INFLUENCER and make my fame and fortune. But there’s an issue with that. I soon realised that unless I opened myself up fully, showed my personality more, stand on the other side of a video camera, that wouldn’t happen. I follow some influencers, and they do an awesome job of drawing you in, and you feel that you know them, they tell their story so eloquently on screen. I’m just not that interesting. 

Maybe that is why I like to write. I can put my thoughts across in a descriptive way, in a way that I can never articulate in person. If I splice two words together to make a new one, spell check tells me so, it doesn’t giggle at me. I don’t let anything ‘out there’ until I am happy with it. Even then, I have watered it down so much because of the fear of upsetting ‘someone’ with my words or thoughts. Fear is always tapping me on the shoulder.

So, for now. I am back to freelance writing. Give me a subject around positivity and wellbeing, and I am your girl. I am hoping that by doing this, I will get those creative writing juices flowing again whilst I write about what I love and help those who can benefit from my writing.

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