Stand like a flamingo.

My main objective when I first started attending Yoga in 2015 was to be able to stand on one leg like a flamingo and wake up my core muscles. I am now almost 50 and Yoga makes feel great, I just wish that I had started this journey in my teens!

Practicing Yoga helps with my mental well being, I find the time I spend on ME invaluable. It is an exercise renowned for helping with balance, strength, breathing, posture and flexibility... areas that are constantly improving. Just before leaving for a class, or getting ready for a Zoom class, I often procrastinate, convincing myself that I can miss a week, what with the mountain of chores that threaten to take much of my day. But I am glad that I listen to the voice inside reminding me that I love it and need it. I meet like minded people and come away full of much needed energy– which is great for tackling the laundry at home!

Yoga is a great form of gentle exercise that is suitable for any age. You don’t have to be especially fit or flexible. I try not to be competitive as it is about how my body works and what it is capable of doing that day, and how I feel.

Yoga in 2020

For 3 years in the UK I participated in a Saturday morning class, hosted by my dear friend Rose. I miss her classes so much since coming to Spain that no other class has lived up to that first experience. It almost feels disloyal moving on to a different teacher! When Covid came and changed our lives forever ZOOM classes started up all over the place. Inspired by all these digital classes I tried finding sessions on Youtube. Again, nothing compared. Then Rose posted a couple of her classes on Youtube which was brilliant for me, albeit with a tad of apprehension for her. Now Rose is offering classes via Zoom and I love joining a class a week. It's also lovely to reconnect and see familiar smiley faces, ladies that I used to see on a regular basis. Isn't technology wonderful?! We're so far away during some very challenging times, but even during such difficulties we are as connected as ever, able to help each other get through the day. A smile, a wave, a class... all help to make this time a little more bareable.

If you want more information on Rose's Zoom classes (1 to 1 or group classes), then please feel free to contact via the link on this page.

Yoga is for religious people?

The beginnings of Yoga were developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago with some researchers believing it goes back 10,000 years. In the early 1900’s it came over to the West. When I speak to people about Yoga, usually raving about the benefits, I have experienced a few whom seem fixated on the religious aspects of the practice. This is especially so if their religion doesn’t permit them to practise Yoga or to ‘have a flexible mind’ due to Yoga being founded by a religion other than theirs. This is despite the fact Yoga in the West has developed beyond that. I personally see Yoga as purely a form of exercise and a way to calm my mind, I don’t see it as religious as there’s no intention from me there, and the classes I attend doesn’t chant nor refer to religion. I like this quote I read on the internet recently Yoga is in Religion, Religion is not in Yoga”  But if you are concerned about this, I would advise you read more about it and ask advice from your religious group before making your decision.

Have you participated in a Yoga class? How has this helped you? Please comment below

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Cath Ford
"Ditto to all you said about yoga and Rose's classes, Tracey. Lovely to see you on Saturday. Stay cool. Cath xx"


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