Table Thai Massage

Can you touch your toes? I could this morning after attending a Table Thai Massage! As much as that was a bonus for me, that wasn't the goal for attending. I participate in Yoga and Pilates weekly to help my core muscles, improve my posture, tone my muscles and to become better aligned and balanced. I also need help from stiffness and pain in my back from sitting at a desk all day and sitting incorrectly in the evening. I have found real benefits from taking these classes, but do find that without engaging my stomach muscles properly in Pilates and Yoga that I actually put additional strain on my lower back. So learning that Table Thai is a healing system combining acupressure (which I am becoming increasingly interested in), reflexology and assisted stretching, I thought I would try it.  

What to expect at a Table Thai Massage session

I had been for a taster before so knew to wear loose clothing allowing me to be maneuvered into positions easily. You may want to enquire before attending a session to see what you are required to wear, some massage therapists will ask you to remove some clothing. I arrived shortly after a Pilates session so the therapist was able to get a real indication of where my issues were, my lower back was stiff and painful so the idea was to focus on those areas, and the areas which affected it.

I was shown to a massage table (traditional Thai Massage has the receiver laying on a mat on the floor)  and the massage was given whilst I was clothed. There's no oil involved, so there's no embarrassing oily look when returning to the office! I received continuous contact from the therapist, she massaged using her hands & fingers, palms, thumbs, knuckles, forearms and knees.  She worked around the table and ON the table which is something I got used to quite quickly. I enjoyed the pulling, stretching, rocking and compressions, which is different from the rubbing that we come to know from other massages. In contrast to other massages it's not so much about the muscles and soft tissue but more about the energy lines of the body or Sen lines.

Benefits of Table Thai Massage

I have booked another session of Table Thai Massage because there are just so many benefits. Not only am I looking forward to it helping my back and posture, but it can help free blockages in the energy flow of our body, help stimulate the nervous system, relieve pain and tension in the muscles, improve the blood circulation and increase body flexibility. I have read that Table Thai Massage is also good for anxiety and depression.

I finished my session feeling relaxed, with more energy, in less pain and able to touch my toes! 

Do you offer a Table Thai Massage service? Please comment below with a short bio of what you offer and your name and contact details.
Have you experienced this therapy? What did you think about it? Anyone that you can recommend?

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