Foot Reading

Foot Reading (also known as Solestry) may have been practiced in India and China these last 5,000 years but until now, I’d never even heard of it. I know that our feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body; I mention this on the article about Reflexology. Where Reflexology focuses on the mirrored parts of the body and the focus is about the mechanics and medical side, a Foot Reading is more about your personality &; traits, a reading that can reveal the state of relationships; your mood and your emotions.

Do you find it difficult to express your emotions? Did you know that your feet show that? Nope, neither did I!

If you are looking for a medical diagnosis or medical advice you will need to see a podiatrist or doctor. If you want to know the future, you will need a psychic as a foot reading doesn’t predict the future like palmistry and astrology is believed to. A foot reading can tell you about your past and present. Look at your feet. Can you separate your little toe from your fourth toe? I can! By how much means to what degree we like adventures.

A Foot Reading is based upon the structure, texture and colour of the top and bottom of the foot & the toes, helping to determine the personality and emotions of the person attached to them. Location of blemishes, scars and moles etc also aid in the reading as do verrucas and hard skin.

The toes show your Thinking; Feeling; Doing; Relating and Security. Your left foot showing your past and your right foot the present. The top of the foot shows what you are willing to show to others, the bottom of the foot is what you keep back to yourself. The foot is separated into Zones showing Family; Friends; and Outside Influences. The way you hold your feet on the floor; the condition of the skin and nails are also noted.

Notable foot readers are Chris Stormer and Jane Sheehan, Jane has read the feet of many celebrities including the late Princess Diana! Unlike a high percentage of people, foot readers are not repulsed by feet, in fact they are fascinated by them, I would go as far to say they are passionate about them (but not in a weird kinky way!) I won’t go into my personal reading, other than to say it was spot on about my personality and the things that I do and what I get emotional about. I found the experience fascinating! What do your feet say about you? Why not make an an appointment and find out! 

Do you offer foot readings? Please comment below with a short bio of what you offer and your name and contact details. 
Have you experienced this therapy? What did you think about it? Anyone that you can recommend?

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