Advertising opportunities

How can you reach a wider audience?

Love what you do and want others to find out about you? I bet you have got a cool product, service or idea that you want a relevant audience to know more about, and you are finding that it's getting expensive to reach people using traditional paid adverts such as Google Adwords or social media adverts. Have you considered any of the following? 
Here are maybe some more creative ways to use your marketing budget, some possible options for your future marketing strategy.

Option 1 - I can review and write about your product

Send me one of your products and I will use it, test it, and If I like your product I will write about it to share on my website and social media 

Option 2 - Advertise on EVERY article page on my website

Would you like to direct more traffic to your homepage or a specific page on your website? How about having a clickable button on EVERY article page on this website for just €10 euros a month!   
*You can view others who are advertising this way, on this very page!

Option 3 - Write an article for my website.

Reach an audience without being in-their-face with an advert. Gain their interest and give them something of value. You never know, they may want to know more about you and follow your social media accounts, and potentially become a client or buy your product!

What you will need to be able to provide is...

  • An article of approx 5,000 characters, which must be informative & interesting to my target audience - Health, wellbeing, spirituality, positivity etc 
  • The article must NOT be advertising your service or product directly, just providing useful information around that subject. #GiveSomethingOfValue. (I will add anything relevant at the end of the article)
  • You will need to provide me with your full name, social media links, website link
  • You can provide up to 6 jpg high quality images (PLEASE NOTE Images must be taken by you, or owned by your copay. Not stock photography or straight from a web browser! Images can be sent via which is free to use)

If any of these options are of interest to you, please reach out via my email [email protected]