Health Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Quick Breakfast

When you're busy in the mornings, it's hard to make sure you eat healthy. Here are some options for you, many that can be made up in advance the night before, ( when you might have a little more time on your hands)

Overnight oats


  • Banana 
  • Oats 
  • Almond milk 
  • Chia seeds
  • Shredded coconut 
  • Peanut butter
  • Cocoa powder
  • Frozen fruit
  1. Line a glass with coconut butter
  2. Put in your chopped banana
  3. Mix together almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa, oats and chia seeds
  4. Pour over the banana
  5. Top with frozen fruit
  6. Sprinkle with coconut
  7. Leave in the fridge overnight

Healthy Breakfast Pancakes

  • Oats = 1.5cups
  • Baking powder = 2tsp
  • Cinnamon = 1 tsp
  • Almpond milk = 1cup
  • Egg = 1
  • Banana = 1
  • Vanilla extract = 1tsp
  1. Grind the oats into flour
  2. Mix in all the ingredients into a liquid
  3. Make your pancakes!

Healthy Protein Bars

  • Oats = 300g
  • Ground almonds = 1tbsp
  • Peanut butter = 4tbsp
  • Honey = 5tbsp
  • Vanilla extract = 1tsp
  • Almond milk = 3tbsp
  1. Blend the oats and ground almonds
  2. Mix together the peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract and almond milk
  3. Add the wet and dry ingredients together
  4. Put onto baking paper, cut into shapes and put into the fridge

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