I've had many in my walking group ask how I get on with being a vegetarian / pescatarian over here in Spain. I often tell them about the latest dishes I have cooked up, explaining that I like simple healthy nutritious meals, that doesn't call for special ingredients, and that are pretty foolproof to make. They are then interested to give some a try. So, here are some of my favourites. And this category will be updated as I can.
Veggie BBQ Ideas

... Hey Veggies. Do you miss a good burger for your summer BBQ?... For 7 years, I was a veggie/pescatarian, which proved a little more difficult liv...

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Traditional Tapas Dishes

In pre 19th-century Spain, tapas meals were offered to weary travellers stopping for a room at the Inn. Since few innkeepers could write and few trave...

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Health Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Quick Breakfast... When you're busy in the mornings, it's hard to make sure you eat healthy. Here are some options for you. I would love to h...

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Pescatarian / Veggie Dinner Ideas

Easy to make dinner ideas for a veggie... For 7 years, I was a veggie/pescatarian, which proved a little more difficult living in Spain. Slowly I rei...

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Healthy-ish Puddings & Sweet Snacks

Healthy(ish) Puddings & Sweet Snacks... Whether it be for after your meal, or simply on its own for those snack attacks, you may be looking for t...

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Juicing, Shots & Smoothies

Juicing and Smoothies, with fruits & vegetables... After my first visit to a doctor over here in Spain, I was told that my Gilbert's Syndrome was...

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