Who is Tracey Bartlett

Who is Tracey Bartlett?

I'm a long-legged vino lover, who has stepped away from the scenic landscapes of the South Coast of the UK, into the sun-kissed Almanzora Valley in Spain., I’ve always felt a deep connection to the great outdoors, and I'm passionate about walking, wine, and the simple joys of life.

An Advocate for Outdoor Adventures

Whether I’m navigating a hidden trail or savouring a glass of local wine, I find profound joy in nature and its therapeutic effects. In Spain, I enjoy taking others along the breathtaking routes I’ve come to love. Sharing these experiences and witnessing their transformative impact on others is incredibly rewarding. For me, walking is more than just exercise—it’s meditation, stress relief, and the best way to explore the world around us. Every day, I am grateful to wake up in beautiful Spain, surrounded by endless opportunities to explore and connect with nature. Walking remains my sanctuary, where I find peace, clarity, and a profound sense of freedom.

A Journey Through Challenges

Life hasn’t always been about sunshine and sangria. I’ve faced severe eczema, school bullying, assault, an abusive marriage, and workplace harassment. Each challenge has shaped me, made me more resilient, and helped me appreciate the strength and joy I find today. These experiences have taught me invaluable lessons and guided me toward true love, inner peace, and my passion for walking. As I often say, “Don’t be envious. My life is what it is today because of what I went through yesterday.”

A Love for Writing and Helping Others

Writing has also been a significant part of my life. From crafting mini stories in school, where my teacher would urge me to “slow down,” to updating this website, I’ve found joy in putting pen to paper. My aim is to share useful information and inspire others through my words.

Passionate About Giving Back

As Anne Frank wisely said, "No one has ever become poor by giving." I’ve enjoyed raising awareness and funds for worthy causes through actions rather than donations. 
Some of my proudest achievements include:

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