Cleaning with natural safe ingredients

Cleaning without harsh cleaning products

I am keen to use natural ingredients for the most part around the home. Not all the time, after all I'm not perfect. But I do like to go for periods at a time when I experiment, and I will share those times with you here. This page is dedicated to the ways I use natural products (mostly white vinegar) in my home and garden. After all, vinegar isn't just great with fish and chips!

With all the suggestions, please use in a small area first to test. Vinegar can discolour or damage some surfaces. Without diluting it, you could find yourself re-grouting!

Mattress cleaner

I used to add fabric conditioner to a small spray bottle with water, then spray the mattress when I change the sheets. Now I mix vinegar with alcohol wash (plenty of that in the house thanks to Covid) and some tea tree oil combined. This is great for odours, but I have also read this could dissuade dust mites too!


I find that using vinegar in my laundry helps to soften the water and remove static, there's then no need to use fabric conditioner. It can also help reduce fading! I have sensitive skin and I have had no issues with this at all. I sometimes use Bicarbonate of soda (Baking soda) as It is a mild antiseptic, putting it through on a cycle without clothes to help clean the washing machine. By adding Bicarb in with your wash, you can also help brighten your whites. This is also known to help naturally soften your clothes when added to the final rinse.

Air freshener

In a small spray bottle, add some white vinegar and distilled water with some drops of our favourite essential oil


I like to clean out my fridge with vinegar with equal parts water and then leave an egg cup of Bicarb of soda in the fridge to help keep the smells at bay. I have also been known to put in some dry tea bags to get rid of funny smells.


OMG I love vinegar on glass. I never use glass cleaner any more. I hardly dilute either! It is especially great on my open fire door, using kitchen towel dipped in vinegar and some soot from the fireplace and this will make your glass doors sparkling.

Sinks and taps

This is a fun one to do. I pour white vinegar down the plug hole and then sprinkle in some Bicarb of soda, it froths up and helps to clear any debris from within. The two combined also help to get your surfaces, and chopping boards clean and rid them of built-up odours and dirt. You could also try some toothpaste on the taps to get rid of scum and polish them up a bit. Lemon is great for polishing them too. Coconut oil mixed with baking soda works well also. Rubbing alcohol used on taps can make them sparkling and help remove bacteria (I have found that there is no need to clean off, it evaporates without leaving smears)

Shower heads

This worked well for me back in the UK, but I am not so sure here in Spain. It will depend on where you live and the water quality. Pour some vinegar into a plastic food bag and dip the shower head in it, sealing the bag to hold in place. After several hours (overnight is best) remove, rinse and dry.


I sometimes use white vinegar 1/3, mixed with 2/3 olive oil, with the addition of some essential oils. I have also been known to use Coconut oil.

Plastic containers

Sometimes I write on plastic containers and need to then re-use for something else, I find that using alcohol rub on the text takes it right off. Then I have the issue of the staining inside the plastic containers, especially when used for curries, so I remove the stains by rubbing them with a cut up lemon. If you have a label to remove, try coconut oil!

Squeaky hinges

I use coconut oil a lot on my skin, but not just for that, I use it on squeaky hinges. Much safer for when Hector decides to sniff and lick where I have applied it.


I have used rubbing alcohol to remove bacteria from my phone cover. I have read that this isn't always good on the phone itself, so be aware of that.

Natural Weed Killer

I obviously don't want to use weed killer because I know it would be harmful to Hector, and the environment. I investigated safe alternatives to purchase online, but felt that they were expensive. So Imade my own....and it worked!!! If you make this, please DON'T use it on grass areas. It kills grass!! It's ideal for patios.

  • 1 LTR of white vinegar. The higher the acidity the better (mine was 8%)

  • 2-3 TBS salt 

  • 1-2 TBS washing up liquid (helps to coat the leaves)

Mix together, spray on. This works a treat and I can't stop raving about it. Put it down and the sun does the rest. Within a couple of hours, you can see the weeds dying off.

Dog pee deodoriser

Because white vinegar is high in Alkaline, it is ideal for deodorising areas (indoors and outdoors) where your pooch wees. It helps to break down the enzymes and remove odours.


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