Why I deleted Facebook

Could YOU give up Facebook?

I started the Facebook withdrawal process slowly. Starting with deleting the Facebook App off my phone, which at first filled me with panic. Without having it at my fingertips, I was scared of what I could miss out on, it could be something really important couldn't it? 
  • What on earth would I do now? 
  • How do I fill those moments between getting out the car and entering the supermarket; whilst I wait in a reception area or wait for my husband at the ATM?
  • Could I really delete my Facebook account totally when I couldn't even go an hour without wanting to check it?

When the fear wore off, I got used to NOT checking my phone to look for the non-existent FB app. This stirred something in me, I then turned off the notifications for All the apps on my phone. I made a decision that I will check my mobile when I wanted to. Not when I was prompted. I liked having some of my headspace back. It felt good not to have my phone beep or vibrate, hypnotising me like the snake in The Jungle Book, away from what I was doing at the time. 

I continued my weaning off of Facebook by experimenting with logging in less and less on my laptop, with some weekends flying past without a single peek ...but then I would panic on the Monday thinking I should have a quick look, finishing an hour or two later, when I eventually found myself back from the trash filled rabbit warrens.

One weekend was different. 

On the Friday I saw some horrible keyboard warriors swarming on an innocent post, clambering over themselves to bitch, moan and belittle others. I dispise bullying, I have been a victim multiple times in my life. I posted that I was going to delete my account after the weekend. And I meant it.

I realised that weekend with such clarity that Facebook wasn't adding any value to my online experience, and frankly is a pretty depressing platform to spend my precious time on. Looking through for the very last time I still saw a constant stream of mask debates with people hell-bent on making conformers feel inferior, political inspired posts and so much negativity. I had already deleted Twitter and Pinterest at the beginning of the year, and now I felt ready to delete my Facebook Account (not deactivating it, but truly deleting it, with no going back!!!) 

What happens when you delete Facebook for good? 

  • You won't be able to reactivate your account
  • Everything you have added will be permanently deleted - Before deleting your account, you can download a copy of your information
  • You won't be able to retrieve anything you've added
  • If you use Facebook Login to access apps or websites, this won't be allowed.
  • You lose the ability to use Facebook Messenger
Before 30 days has passed you have the option to cancel your deletion process, after 30 days your account and all your information will be permanently deleted. I have read that it may take up to 90 days from the beginning of the deletion process to delete all the things you've posted (however they may store the data...which probably means they will).

This all sounds very final, and even as I write this blog post, I am still hovering over the delete button. I am hoping that writing the following lists will help me focus on what is important and what isn't important about having a Facebook account.

What I won't miss about Facebook 

  • Political opinions shoved down my throat along with my breakfast cereal
  • Being addicted to the validation that comes with receiving as many comments and reaction emojis as possible
  • Duplicated material from other social media platforms
  • The cryptic without explanation cliffhanger "I have had a shite day" that just screams ASK ME, ASK ME!
  • Negativity
  • Game requests
  • The hours I lose and will not get back
  • Being tagged in irrelevant posts or photos for marketing purposes 
  • Those who react or comment on vile disturbing posts saying ' I don't want to see this on Facebook' -  without realising that by doing that, they now have added it to my newsfeed!
  • The War and Peace length posts that you initially start to read thinking its new material written by that friend... to find its a Copy and Paste post. 
  • Christmas posts 4 months before the big man comes to visit!
  • People re-sharing their Facebook memories
  • The novice, who sends PRIVATE messages but on the public side of the platform, dooh! 
  • If your job / relationship / weight sucks, then change it, stop depressing us with updates. If you keep doing what you're doing ....bla bla
  • Stupid Memes that aren't even funny
  • Profiles being used instead of Business Pages
  • Posts about dinner - usually an insipid photo best served on the 'Rate My Plate' page 
Blimey, that's a long list, and I could have gone on.

What I will miss about Facebook

  • Seeing what my family and true friends get up to - but then I have multiple WhatsApp chats for that.
  • My own memories popping up - but then all my photos are in albums or in the cloud and I can look at them whenever the fancy takes me.
  • Birthday reminders -  those I wish to send cards too are already in my Moonpig reminder list
  • Finding out about local places to visit - I will have to research more, just like before Facebook came along.
  • Covid law changes here in Spain - there's a lot of fake news to wade through. I found one really good page to follow during the height of COVID, so I will just look at their website instead.
Well, that's much sorter list, with solutions for each. So, that's decided then, it's a farewell to Facebook Land, it was an enjoyable place to visit in the early years, full of fairies and happy fluffy nooks and crannies. With monsters lurking more and more these days, wanting to suck out the positive energy and feed the ever-growing negativity energy, it's time for me to move on to pastures new, for a bit of fresh air.

For those truly interested in me and my new life, I update this website regularly, and I am still on Instagram.......... for now! 

Did you try to give up Facebook? How did it go for you? Are you thinking about it, what would you miss, what would you NOT miss? I would love to hear from you so please comment below

Dec 2021 over a year later I went back onto Facebook and created a brand-new account. The main reason was to help my hubby (and other businesses should they want me to) with their social media. I can't do Facebook for anyone without an account of my own to admin from. The other reason was that most people assume that everyone is on FB and crucial local information is missed because of this. I have missed out on some exciting events, and I don't like missing out!!!

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Enya Wilson-Blackwell
"I love this post Mum! Very tempted to do this myself someday, when I am brave enough. I prefer Instagram x"


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