Walking Routes - MACAEL

 Here's some of the walking routes we hike around the area of Macael. New routes are often found, join the WalkTall Walking Group to enjoy them!
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Walking routes in and around Macael

MACAEL - Cultural Route

Starting alongside the Parque de las Familias in Macael, we walk all the way past the World's Largest Mortar (3.5m high and found in the Guiness Book of Records). We move along to the Sculpture Walk Boulevard, an open air museum of sculptures from different artists.

After seeing the sculptures, we will walk up to visit:

  • The Plaza los  Leones and the Fuente de los Leones. The replica of the fountain of lions found in the Alhambra. This helps to highlight marble used in art. 
  • If open, we visit the Church of Parroquia de Santa María del Rosario which was reconstructed in 1992 with the original Mudejar tower from the 16th century. One of the oldest bells are from 1682! 
  • Sueños de un Cantero" Escaleras calle Mario Palma The "Dreams of a Stonemason" Mario Palma Street Stairs. With 94 steps uneven steps and a symbol of Macael. We view them, we don't need to walk up them LOL
  • Centro de Interpretación del Mármol (Marble Interpretation Center - There is a small cost)
  • A refreshing drink in one of the bars
  • Mirador de la Virgen del Rosario (Watch for Ibex if you're lucky) Where you will experience a stunning panoramic view of the town and the Almanzora valley. 
  • Before returning to the Pachamama Parque de las familias Macael to have a look around, before returning to our vehicles
Mileage - 2.5mile / 4.7km
Terrain - Roads, paths, park
Time - Various. Leisurely with stops on route

MACAEL - Ocara Mountain Walk

Starting by the Parque de las Familias in Macael, this is a great walk that takes us around, up and over the OCARA mountain range. The views are stunning. Taking in the views of the surrounding areas toward Olula edl Rio and Purchena one side, and glimpses of Macael and some of the 6,500 hectares of quarries from the top. We cover some hard terrain at the peak, to reach the Mirador Natural observation area. Before descending back via road to the rambla (where, if you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the shepherd) We head back into Macael for a well deserved drink near the rambla itself. That's IF the bar is open! (Bring plenty of water) We will then walk back to the car via the World's Largest Mortar (3.5m which is in the Guiness Book of Records) 

IMPORTANT information before considering joining us on this walk, this is a mountain and therefore it's not flat! Please note that although the majority of this route is pathed and pretty good pathways at that, there's a part this is picking though rough terrain and flora along the top of the ridge. Walking sticks might be required for some people, and walking boots would be highly recommended! This won't be suitable for anyone with walking or balance difficulties. You may be relieved to know that we WILL NOT be going down the trail that some maps show, via a sheer drop down to the rambla! However, I may show you the start of it from the top if you aren't scared of heights!

Mileage - 6.5miles / 10.5km
Terrain - Path, road and rough terrain, see the above information 
Time -  Set aside at least 4 hours 
Highest point - 2,228ft at the 3 mile marker (from sea level)
Elevation gain during the walk - 1,090ft

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