Walking Routes - ALBANCHEZ and LIJAR

Here's some of the walking routes we hike, around the area of Albanchez and Lijar. New routes are often found, join the WalkTall Walking Group to enjoy them!
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Walking routes in and around Albanchez and Lijar

ALBANCHEZ - Picnic Route

A figure of eight walk that showcases Albanchez from afar, from various angles, before finishing the walk through the heart of it. Taking in the delights of Los Canos Fountain; Los Arcos Recreational Area; Roman aqueduct; and the Cross of Calvary; Albanchez Square; Town Hall; and Parish Church;  (Fuente Los Canos;  Area Recreativa Los Arcos; Acueducto Romano; cruz del calvario; Plaza; Ayuntamiento de Albanchez and Iglesia Parroquial) 

Mileage - 8 km /  5 miles 
Terrain -  Rambla (loose rocky underfoot) and quiet roads
Time - 2.5 hours + refreshment stop time at the picnic area
Elevation gain uphill - 472 ft (Max elevation 1,778ft)


Do not be fooled by the 3 miles - This is a tough walk for anyone with mobility issues. A circular walk that showcases Lijar from afar, before walking through the heart of it. Taking in the delights of the viewpoint of Mirador de Las Huertecicas at the start, before heading down quite a steep path, joining the rambla Lijar. The route taken can be quite muddy and wet, so be cautious, and wear appropriate footwear. You will see the old laundry area Lavadero Líjar, which you can walk through, before heading UPWARD to the historical landmark of Barrio Del Castillo with narrow streets that ascend between the whitewashed houses from the river to the castle, showcasing their Arabic heritage. This area is steep! You can visit the Parish Church Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María which was built in the mid 1500's (this was constructed with 3 ships and sidewalls of lime and stone, until a reconstruction on the 1900's due to floods). Then there's the Castle Castillo de Líjar which was built in the 21st century, with some impressive steps leading up to it, and amazing views. During the Al-Andalus period, also called Muslim Spain. Mining disappeared and agriculture took over for the town of Lijar. During the middle to late twentieth century, Líjar had 25 looms for the manufacture of linen and hemp fabrics. Now, most of the agricultural activity here is for self-consumption. Líjar has twelve marble farms, which helps economically

Mileage - 5 km /3 miles
Terrain - Steep up and down, dry rambla, wet and muddy rambla, road
Elevation gain uphill - 550ft (Max elevation 2230ft)
Time - Give yourself 1.5hrs + refreshment stop time

Previous comments

Paula Nash
"ALBANCHEZ PICNIC ROUTE - I really enjoyed this walk around Albanchez. I have never really been there before, there was plenty to see on the way even though a lot of the walk was along the rambla. We took in the Los Canos Fountain, which shows the history but is a bit run down now which is a shame, then we carried on alone the rambla and came to a lovely picnic spot, where we stopped for breakfast from here you can see the Aquaduct, and go and explore it from the picnic site. From here we left the rambla and followed the road up into the village, the views along here were amazing you could see the whole of Albanchez from the pathway. Once in the village you come to an old chapel, you walk down through the lovely little streets until you come to the square. We went on a Thursday, so it was market day the church was open, so we went in, it was lovely, I lit a candle for loved ones lost whilst in there. The square is small, but you get nice views of the surrounding area from there. I really enjoyed the walk it was mostly flat with a few inclines but nothing too challenging. If you haven't been to Albanchez, this walk is the perfect way to explore it. "


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