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Here's some walking routes we hike, which start in the village of Cantoria. New routes are often found, join the WalkTall Walking Group to enjoy them!
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Walking routes from Cantoria

Cantoria Radio Masts La Polvora

La Polvora Cantoria is the yearly mountain race that is organised by the city council of Cantoria. I chose to trace the shorter route of the two starting from Cantoria by the medical centre via meandering concrete road/trails which soon becomes a steep trail through pine trees, and single footpath carved out by previous rainfall. This walk is NOT for the faint-hearted, but thoroughly recommended if you like a challenge. The views are spectacular. 

Mileage - 13.6km / 8.5 miles 
Time - Allow at least 4 hours 
Elevation gain uphill -  1, 542 ft (Max elevation 2,631ft)

Cantoria to Piedra Amarilla

A lovely walk from Cantoria, via the Chapel, then on to the watch tower. Under the motorway into Piedra Amarilla before returning to Cantoria via part of the Barranco de los Lirias O del Lentisco

Mileage - 11km / 7 miles
Time - 3 hours 
Elevation gain uphill - 351 ft (Max elevation 1,540ft)


Starting in Cantoria this is an official route on the PR-A-418 that takes you along Rambla de Torrobra under the A-1100 road then a continuous arduous climb, for over an hour. The first part is uncovered and exposed to the sun, the rest of the climb is through a forest path that in other times were used as a communication route with the towns of Lijar and Albanchez. The locals popularly know it as Cuesta del Cartero, because it was the path used to carry the mail. At the end of the climb and along the mountain ridge the views are simply magnificent out to Albanchez, Albox, Cantoria, Almanzora, Partaloa and Oria in the distance. You walk along this ridge for a while before slowly making your way down and eventually onto the old railway between Almanzora and Cantoria.

Mileage - 15km / 9 miles
Terrain - Road, Rambla, Trails, Railway (Greenway) VERY long and steep incline at the start for at least an hour! 
Elevation gain uphill - 1, 358 ft (Max elevation 2,312ft)

Previous comments

Alan Battman
"CANTORIA PR-A-418 - We set off on a warm Saturday spring morning with water on board and food for later, Wearing a sturdy pair of walking boots (highly recommended) the incline started after 10 mins and continued for a good hour, hard going but great exercise and amazing views the higher we got the last 10 mins of climbing took us through trees and the cool shade was very much appreciated. When we reached the top ridge we proceeded past 3 abandoned shepherd houses, unloved for many years with just external walls remaining. We encountered a flock of goats grazing and walked with them for 5-10 minutes was great fun. Also saw a large Ghekko, as big as my boot. When we had descended we walked through a lemon grove the blossom smell of citrus was lovely, we then joined the railway track from Almanzora heading back to Cantoria and finished at Sara's bar for a well-earned drink, 4 hours and over 18000 steps a very enjoyable walk. "
Marina De Meurechy
"CANTORIA PR-A-418 - This was a very nice walk. A good bit of climbing at a leisurely pace, with an occasional explanation of the area around. When the highest point was reached, there was a short break to enjoy the view and then to continue and find a shady place to eat and drink. Then continued the walk. This was also really worth seeing. Such a guided walk is very good for discovering new routes. Nice to do! "
Chrissie Ross-Harper
"CANTORIA PR-A-418 - This walk is incredible and very challenging. The first 10 minutes into the walk is a steep incline for approximately an hour and is not for the faint-hearted. But once you reach the top it Is worth every step. So breath-taking and all I will say, is ensure you have proper footwear, plenty of water and a snack .... well worth doing! Thank you Tracey x"
Victoria Battman
"CANTORIA TO PIEDRA AMARILLA - This walk is definitely about being in the moment. The landscape is all around you! You leave the town of Cantoria and walk up beside the goat farm and then on to the watch tower the hills are close all around it's spectacular, the ground is rocky but perfectly acceptable terrain. Once at the tower you can see across the valley it's farm land and industrial but again those mountain views loom up at you! Then we walked through an Almond grove and on to the bridge under the motorway on the way into Piedra we came across Fir trees with those naughty processionary caterpillar nests an interesting animal but leave well alone! Once we had our coffee break, the walk back through the Rambler was full of interest, and we followed the tracks of Wild boar, but luckily or unlucky we didn't see any! The walk back is definitely a sun trap, and you come back into Cantoria quite quickly, a very enjoyable walk. "
Dan Daniels
"CANTORIA RADIO MASTS LA POLVORA - This proved to be a challenge worth achieving. We started from Cantoria and followed the meandering concrete road, which became unmade which became a trail through pine treess, which became a single footpath carved out by previous rainfall. The processionary caterpillars hung directly overhead at times, but caused no issues. Very steep but well worth the trip to the top and masts where we had great views to the snow covered witches hat. The walk down was equally steep but a great relief, providing majestic views of the countryside. We were joined for a short time by a few Ibex who seemed relatively unbothered by us on their turf. Not for the faint-hearted, but thoroughly recommended if you like a challenge."


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