Walking Routes - MOJACAR

Here's some of the walking routes we hike, around the area of Mojacar. New routes are often found, join the WalkTall Walking Group to enjoy them!
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Walking routes in and around Mojacar.

La Mena Macenas

A walk from the south end of Mojacar Playa to Macenas Playa, taking in the Castillo de Macenas, Torre Pirulico and Piedra de Nazareno along the way. Before returning back to the start

Mileage - 5miles / 8km
Terrain - Trail and path
Time - Set aside 3 hours (including a short refreshment break)
Highest point - 50t (from sea level)

Playa to Pueblo 

Starting at Mojacar Playa we walk in areas to the right of the A6111 and winding ourselves up through back roads with some gorgeous properties not fully appreciated from the main roads. This is initially a continuos reasonable incline, until the main incline kicks in to the municpal car parks, where we take the lift to the Pueblo Old Town for a well deserved drink. After which we will go to the Museo Casa de la Canana (3 euro). From where will move on to the Castillo de Mojacar and the Grand Mirador. Before making our way back down the Playa via the back of the new bus station / medical centre.

Mileage - 6miles / 9.5km
Terrain - Path, road 
Time - Set aside 3-4 hours to include drink stops
Highest point - 617ft (from sea level)
Elevation gain during the walk - 732ft

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