Walk - Almanzora - Las Casicas

Suggested walk Almanzora

Here's a suggested walking route starting at the Estacion Bar, walking to Las Casicas then back again.

Walk name - Las Casicas

Mileage - 7.7km / 4.83miles 
Time - approx 1.5 hours 
Elevation gain uphill - 35m / 115ft
Elevation gain downhill - 35m / 115ft
Elevation max - 339m / 1,112t
Elevation min - 287m / 942ft
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DIRECTIONS - this is an easy one!
  • Park around the front of the ESTACION BAR in Almanzora  (Calle Sta. Cruz, not on the AL-7102)
  • The Wikiloc showed me walking on a trail, this is because I was walking my dog. Walk on the road, away from the ESTACION until you get to the bridge. Walk over the bridge. If this is not possible, you can follow the route I took to get over to the other side.
  • On the other side of the bridge, continue straight on, with the railway building on your left.
  • You will eventually pass another building on your left with a water balsa immediately after it on your left. Walk past.
  • Continue on this path until you get to the bridge over the rambla.
  • Go down on to the rambla and turn left
  • In front of you are two tracks. You will be coming DOWN the track on the right. Walk along the other track in front of you 
  • Walk until a group of houses to your left, one with a large stone wall.
  • Just past this, there is a track to your right, take this track. If you happen to walk to the motorway flyover, then you have gone too far.
  • Follow the main track ignoring any side paths, you will end up walking alongside the A334
  • Take the second path on your right, you will walk with the motorway behind you and a caravan/outhouse on your left, follow the boundary
  • Follow this track up
  • At the turning for the ruin house at the top, take the opportunity to go up and look at the view (There is a symbol on the door. This has been explained to be the logo of the National Colonization Institute)
  • Come back down
  • Go under the bridge
  • Take the right path immediately after. This takes you back up to the railway
  • Follow this back the same way you came, back to Estacion

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