Oria Hike - Camino Viejo de Chirivel

Suggested walk / hike in Oria.

You'll definitely need walking boots for this walk. It's a gradual uphill for most of this walk, then the terrain gets more difficult, especially picking your way over and down the Sierra De Las Estancias (Mountain range) and on the Camino Viejo de Chirivel (Old road of Chirivel). As you descend the mountain, there's loose terrain, some awkward areas, and if you are unsteady on your feet or afraid of heights, this is NOT the walk for you!

Walk name - Camino Viejo de Chirivel

Mileage - 10.5 km / 6.5miles
Time - approx 2 hours
Elevation gain - 912ft / 278m
Elevation loss - 912ft / 278m
Elevation max - 3,907ft / 1,191m
Elevation min - 2,959ft / 902m

I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

DIRECTIONS (Map below)
  • Park at Bar El Frax 
  • With your back to the bar, walk left, down the road
  • Take the first road on your left
  • Walk all the way to the end (ignoring all turn-offs) and come out at the Rambla de Canairola (on other maps it is called Rambla de Traisla) 
  • Turn right and walk. 
  • At the cross roads, ignore the route up the hill on the left. Continue onward onto Rambla de las Canales (Rambla of the Channels) until you come out on to the road AL-8100 (Oria to Cullar road)
  • Cross the road and continue to walk on the Rambla de las Canales (Rambla de Traisla on some maps) You will walk through Capairola 
  • At 1.5km take the right fork - The Barranco del Duende (Goblin Ravine)
  • 400m on your left there is a natural water spring, the fountain of Trisla. Ideal for topping up your water bottle
  • 70m on from this, there's a slightly hidden right fork to take. It takes you on a slight incline.
  • Follow this for 460m, and you start another short incline, at the top, turn right
  • At the junction of the path, take the right path, keeping the tree line on your left
  • At the end of the trees you will walk over to the right for 90m  (from here you really would need to use Wikiloc to retrace my footsteps to find the Camino Viejo de Chirivel as the trail isn't very obvious in places)
  • You should be able to see an attempt at stacked rocks and low rock walls to show you the way to the edge of the mountain before your descent
  • As you descend, be careful of the loose ground and drops. Watch for the Ibex in this area, you may be lucky, as I was
  • If you have managed to follow the 'trail' you will eventually pic your way to a building. As you approach this building, on your right are two large hidden holes in the ground. This, I have been told, is where they used to burn rocks for days, to make white paint.
  • You will pass a small water area on your right
  • Passing the side of a house onto Calle Nte where there is a small square with benches
  • There are several routes back to Bar El Frax from here, but the quickest is via the road
  • Turn right and take the left onto Calle Almeria
  • Turn right onto Calle Nueva (Behind the town hall, passing the medical centre and the post office) turn right onto Av. de Andalucia
  • Go right on this road and down to the roundabout
  • Turn right onto the A-399  walking past the petrol station
  • Keep walking until the rambla crosses the road
  • Turn right onto Los Olivos (The Olive Trees)
  • Continue walking and take the right fork through the houses
  • After passing Casa Blanca B&B on your left you will come to another road, cross over and follow it back down to Bar El Frax
I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

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Adele O Connor
"Another interesting walk round Oria, not an easy walk, very steep climb, but you're rewarded with some beautiful views. Legs feel that you have walked more than 6.5 miles, but for all the right reasons, many thanks Tracey xxxx"


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