Walk - Oria - Helipad Pine

Suggested walk / hike in Oria.

This walk has some fab points of interest such as caves and the helipad next to a balsa, winding through the pine forest overlooking the lower end of Oria

Walk name - Helipad Pine

Distance - 5.6km / 3.5miles 
Duration - approx 1.5hrs
Elevation gain - 124m / 407ft
Elevation loss - 124m / 407ft 
Elevation max - 1,123m / 3,684ft 
Elevation min - 996m / 3,271ft

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  • Meet at Bar Pepe
  • Walk away from the roundabout 
  • After 90m there is a track on your left, walk along this track
  • After 1km (0.6miles) there is a cave in front of you, a path to the left and one to the right. Take the path on the left. The one on your right is where you will come down
  • After 450m there is a track on your left - ignore this and keep walking
  • After another 450m take the track on the right.
  • After 650m the track splits. You will be coming back to this point to go down. But continue straight on to get to the end to see the view over Oria. Along the way, you will see the Helipad and balsa (water collection point) for the fire services.
  • When ready, go back to where the track split, and go left. 
  • Follow it to the bottom. Near the bottom on your left is an area that the emergency crew fill their fire trucks from. 
  • Turn left at the bottom, and you will eventually come out at the road where Pepes is located.
If you have tried this walk, please let others know about your experience in the comment area below - thank you x

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