Oria Hike - Los Lisos Circular

Suggested walk / hike in Oria.

This is a mostly flat walk with a mix of road, trail and rambla. A lovely 4.5mile walk on the outskirts of Oria.

Walk name - Los Lisos Circular

Mileage - 7.2 km / 4.5 miles
Time - approx 1.5 hours
Elevation gain - 72m / 236ft
Elevation loss - 72m / 236f
Elevation max - 933m / 3,061ft
Elevation min - 856m / 2,808ft
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  • Park at bar El Frax bar and make your way to Coordinates 37.47188922300083, -2.2803744895686275 (In Google Maps, enter these coordinates and click search) The Wikiloc map starts from those Coordinates as I forgot to put on my app. I finished the walk here too, to make it a circular
  • Walk along the rambla toward the turn off to the A399
  • Take a left and walk toward the turn off to Los Olivos 
  • Take the track opposite you, immediately after the Los Olivos turning
  • Take the next track on your left
  • At the end of this track, take a right and walk along the tarmac road
  • Take the first left and walk with the properties on your right (Los Lisos)
  • Pass the hut on your left
  • Follow the path down and bare right
  • Then left until you find yourself in the rambla
  • Take a left and follow the rambla 
  • Until you see an incline on your left (ignore the one on your right)
  • Go up that incline and follow the road, ith the house on your right, until you get to the T Junction at the end
  • Take a right and follow the road down, to a left bend in the road
  • Take the path from that bend, which is on the left
  • Follow this into the next rambla
  • At the crossroads, take the path immediately opposite
  • Follow until you come to the road
  • Take the path to the left which starts to run parallel with the road
  • Follow until you pass the goat farm, and you will be back to the start of the walk
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I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

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