Oria Hike - Cruz Walk

Suggested walk / hike in Oria.

This particular walk is short, but tough. You will climb up a mountain of loose rock and slate. There's no path, so please take it as slow as you need. I would suggest taking gardening gloves, for those of you who like to use your hands!

Walk name - Oria hill of the Cruz

Mileage - 4.8 km / 3 miles
Time - approx 2
Elevation max - 3,832ft
Elevation min - 3,235ft

I would love to hear your feedback about this walk in the comments below.

  • Park at Bar El Frax
  • Walk up the road toward Oria. Via the Los Olivos road.
  • At the end, turn left and walk up into Oria
  • At the roundabout take a left
  • With the shop on your right, continue until you get to the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Oria)
  • Go up the first road along the side of the Townhall and turn left to walk infront of the medical centre 
  • Follow the path until it forks, take the right fork, under an arch way
  • At the end, turn right
  • Continue on the lower path that runs alongside the foot of the mountain
  • Continue until you are almost opposite the large building over the other side. I have found this is one of the best places to start your climb
The view from the top is incredible! When descending, take it steady, and try to aim for the area at the base of the hill that you started from. Do not gravitate to the right as you come down, where initially it looks easier, this is deceiving as you come to a sheer drop.

I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

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