Walk - Almanzora - Gachas Migas

Suggested walk / hike in Cantoria 

Here's a suggested hiking route starting at Almanzora that takes you through Gachas Migas and back to Almanzora for a well deserved refreshment.

Walk name - Gachas Migas Walk

Mileage - 7km / 4.5miles  
Time - approx 2 hours
Elevation gain uphill - 100m  
Elevation gain downhill - 110m
Elevation max - 420m  
Elevation min - 294m

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  • Start this walk at Bar Carillo in Almanzora
  • Walk up the side of Carillo Bar, at the end turn left toward the Estacion Bar, which is the old railway station building
  • Walk through the park area, then when exiting, follow the road to EL BADIL
  • on the right that runs parallel to the road, with houses on your right... This is the old railway line.
  • Make your way up the ALP-7103
  • Follow the road past the last house, round the bends, and take the right track up over the mountain
  • Follow the track to what we call our first viewpoint. Which is a T-Junction. With a lovely view over the village of Almanzora
  • Take the right track, and continue up, with the pig farm below you on the left. Warning, it may be smelly here!
  • At the top, follow the track round to the left and keep going up, past the hunter hides on your right (circular mounds made of stone). 
  • Stop at the top to admire the 360 degree view.
  • Make your way down the other side along the track until you reach the road ALP-843
  • On the road, go right and continue on this road until you reach a junction, just after a small out-building
  • Follow the road round to the left and continue down, bending, until you pass a small group of houses to your right.
  • Continue down until the road crosses the rambla (Rio Almanzora) 
  • Continue up the road to reach the houses on the left, where there is a slip road into Gachas Migas, take the slip road
  • Follow the lane until it forks, and take the left, through orchards until you come out onto the rambla (Rio Almanzora)
  • On this rambla turn right and follow it until a man-made road to your left that will take you through more orchards
  • Walk on this road until you come to a fork, go right, and continue toward the old Palace
  • Come out into the village, next to the Palace, on Calle Estacion
  • Have a drink in one of the many bars in Almanzora
 This map needs updating. It currently shows the star point in El Badil, not Bar Carrillo   
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I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

Previous comments

"Tracey has taken us many times on the stunning 'Almanzora circular, past the pig farm' walk. Every time, it's an eye-opener that we live in such peaceful and beautiful surroundings. The walk itself is not too strenuous, ideal for me! I would certainly recommend it, or come and join us, even better. A small group of friends enjoying our walks and chatting ...and the final destination the local bar with lovely Andres in Carrillo Bar"


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