Wild Deer

I heard noises and thought it was farmers collecting fruit from the orchard (It's that time of year), so I didn't think much about it. Then I saw this...
I saw the biggest deer on his hind legs eating from the tree!!! Despite being closer to them than I ever have (this is my 4th time in 6 months. Always different locations) I am disappointed that the video is of poor quality. Sorry guys. It doesn't help that Hector was either pulling me... or trying to eat his lead!!
I counted about 12 of them. A couple of big ones. A few "teenagers" and some babies.
In Spain there are 3 types of deer.
  • Red Deer
  • Fallow Deer
  • Roe Deer
I think this is a family of Fallow Deer due to the fact its part of a herd and appears to be led by the doe (happy to stand corrected).
For 8 years I was fortunate to work with a client in the UK that own an adventure park and farm and I regularly got in with, or saw the animals and birds of prey up close and personal. But to see something in the wild is uber special.
And to think I wasnt going to go for a walk this morning!!!!!

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