Almanzora Walking Group

Walking Group Almanzora - Grupo Caminando Almanzora.

The vast open area that surrounds our village can often leave you feeling rather vulnerable when solo walking. I wondered how many others felt the same, and therefore was missing out on the wonderful experience of walking here and the beautiful views. I started the Almanzora Grupo Caminando for my immediate neighbours and it became very popular.

Now I am offering to extend it to other residents of Almanzora. Do you want to improve your health or get to see the local area of Almanzora by foot rather than by car? Maybe we're the walking group for you.

I am an unpaid organiser and do not ask for any joining fee or costs. I enjoy walking and love seeing others enjoy the experience too, so please note this is NOT an offical walking group. You are more than welcome to join us, to make new friends and enjoy the Almanzora Valley.

The boring but very important bit...

I advise the following:

  • walking boots are worn due to the rough terrain that can be experienced
  • come prepared for all weathers when considering clothing (it does rain!)
  • carry adequate water
  • carry a first aid kit
  • carry a charged mobile phone
  • carry information of your emergency contact
  • do not walk if you are unwell
  • well behaved and obedient dogs are welcome (owners are responsible for their behaviour and safety at all times)
If you would like to join the group please connect via our Facebook Walking Group


I would suggest downloading the following apps for when you are out walking. Especially if you are walking alone!

Alert Cops
AlertCops allows you to share your position with the people you want or with a rescue center. You can also send photos and videos to the public security services or periodically send your position during the time the alert is active. Moreover, you will receive security, emergency or informational notifications depending on where you are or chat with public security services in your own language. You can get more information here on the Alert Cops website

What 3 Words
Every 3m x 3m square in the world has a 3 word address. You can share your exact location whenever you want with this app...and very importantly if you ever need to do so in an emergency. You can get more information here on the What 3 Words website

My Team Safe
This is actually a lone working app that I have been testing when I am out on my walks. It prompts you when you dont check in, and it contacts your designated point of contact if you don't! I would love to see this app designed around lone walkers! You can get more information here on the My Team Safe website.

All Against The Fire
With wild fires being common in Spain this app notifies you of active fires in your local area.Handy to know when you are out walking, and if you spot one, you can use it to notify of a fire (please also notifiy the emergency services directly) You can get more information here on the Google App Store

Last Quake
LastQuake is an app designed by seismologists that shows a list of all the recent earthquakes that've happened around the world with all the information you need to know about them. You can get more information here on the Google App Store

** We are NOT an official group or have liability insurance, just a group of friends and neighbours. All walkers are responsible for their own safety and if emergency services are used you may be personally liable **

Previous comments

Linda Noel
"A lovely way to meet people and explore the area keep fit and share ideas. I am lucky to 'have shared' Traceys and Scotts enthusiasm and consistency to explore and be part of our stunning part of Spain from when they first arrived. It's a good informal group of diverse ages and we all feel part of it. A huge well done to the two of them. "
Linda Noel
"A really healthy and interesting way to get to know around the area. By walking together and sharing our ideas and thoughts we all benefit from each other. The group which I'm lucky to be part of is informal fun and friendly. Tracey our 'leader ' coordinator and inspiration driver is very good at finding interesting walks. I would fully recommend giving it a go. "
Christine Giddings
"Hello. My inlaws live in los Palatones, i live in Albox. I lived in Almanzora for a year. I always love walking and nature. I do walk alone but it would be great to walk with like minded folk and discover new routes. Please can i join you? Thank you Christine. ADMIN REPLY: Of course! Please feel free to join our Facebook groip for details. We would love to see you"
"Hi. Where and when do starts the walk? Thank Johan ADMIN RESPONSE Hello Johan, thank you for making contact. They vary by date and times depending on the weather. If you are local to Almanzora / Cantoria, please email me at [email protected] so that you can be added to the Facebook group."
Tracy Clarke
"This is a very Friendly group & a great way to meet your neighbours & enjoy our beautiful surroundings. "
"Well done you for carrying on your love of walking in your new environment I'm sure that you will soon have a full group that will enjoy your well organised rambles. I for one will join you when I finally come across for a visit. The oleman x"
Barbara Taor
"The walking group has given me a happy way to keep fit and to see more of the beautiful Almanzora Valley. I have also met some lovely new friends to walk and talk with. Its just win win. Thanks Tracey Bartlett ."


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