Walk - Almanzora to Cantoria - Railway

Suggested walk / hike in Cantoria 

Here's a suggested flat hiking route starting at Sara's Bar in Cantoria, walking to Almanzora for refreshments, then back along the same route.

Walk name - Railway Walk

Mileage - 11.2km / 6.9miles  
Time - approx 2.5 hours (with a 15min break in Almanzora)
Elevation gain uphill - 75m / 240ft
Elevation gain downhill - 73m / 240ft
Elevation max - 388m / 1,273ft
Elevation min - 330m / 1,083ft

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DIRECTIONS - this is an easy one!
  • Park outside Sara's bar in Cantoria 
  • Walk EAST along Calle del Almanzora, keeping the converted Cantoria station house on your left
  • Keep on this trail (the old railway) and you will pass through a tunnel. With the red look out area above that.
  • Soon after the tunnel, and after the train signal post, you will see three paths, take the LEFT option.
  • Keep on this until you reach the road, and opposite the Tanatoria
  • Turn right and walk on the road
  • Take a left to continue on the old railway (there's an old railway signal house around here)
  • Continue on the old railway
  • You will come to a rather rickety bridge, cross over it. If you feel worried about this, take the LEFT path which goes down and up to the other side of that bridge
  • Keep walking along the old railway, under a much smaller bridge.
  • Follow on this main path, without deviating - you will eventually go through another tunnel with EL Badil on your right.
  • Keep on this until you come to the gardens - walk through the gardens
  • You are now in Almanzora and have a variety of bars to choose from
When you are ready to return, you walk back exactly the same way.
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I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

Previous comments

"We walked this 7mile railway walk last week in the evening. We were treated to some lovely sunset views as well as good company. The walk was well organised and planned, as always, by Tracey. Even though it sounds a long distance to some, it is flat, and you hardly notice the distance whilst chatting to friends old and new. Thank you Tracey - I look forward to more of your routes."


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