Oria Hike - Scarecrow walk

Suggested walk / hike in Oria. 

I am sharing a walk that I have enjoyed, and hope that you will to. I have included details of the route, the mileage and elevation stats, with some photos, to help you find new and interesting walks in and around Oria, Spain.

Walk name - The scarecrow walk

Mileage - 9.83 km / 6.1 miles 
Time - approx 2.5 hours
Elevation gain - 181m / 594ft 
Elevation loss - 181m / 594ft
Elevation max - 1,047m / 3,453ft
Elevation min -  856m / 2,808ft

I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

  • Park as close as you can to the start point, which is on this rambla path (on a computer ensure you click the search icon. Mobiles seem to take you directly to the point I have indicated)
  • You will be walking down the left side of a house, with canes around its perimeter.
  • Follow the rambla for approx 15mins until you come to a clear crossroads.
  • Take the right path until you reach the road.
  • Turn right and walk past where the solar panels used to be then immediately left 
  • Bare right and keep walking downhill until you are at the rambla 
  • Turn right into the rambla
  • Where it forks (left up the road, right to continue on the rambla) take a left onto the road
  • You will come to a group of houses at LOS CHULOS. Turn right and walk between them 
  • After 5mins and approx 400mtr bare to the right
  • Follow for just over half a mile to the right turning into the group of houses at  EL MARCHAL
  • After approx 200mtr you bare  left, keeping the last property on your left as you walk alongside it
  • Follow this almost straight path for half a mile, ignoring any turn-offs, until you get to 2 outbuildings on your left
  • Walk between the outbuildings and take the path to the right for approx 500mtr until you come to a T Junction
  • Turn right and continue to another T Junction in 180mtr
  • Turn left and continue up for 400mtr and turn right, following the road to Oria Church. As you look at the church, just behind you, you will see the Confiteria La Polca (Confectionery store, which I recommend visiting)
  • Pass the church, then turn right up Calle Cambrones to Cafeteria San Antonio
  • Take the left side-road, with the Cafeteria to your right (Calle Porche) until you come out opposite a small supermarket on Av.de Andalusia 
  • Follow this road until you get to the roundabout
  • Take a right, walking past the garage
  • Keep walking for approx 400mtr until you see a turning on your right (Urbanizacion Los Olivos)
  • Follow until it forks, take the right fork for approx 800mtrs
  • At the junction, take the path almost opposite and walk between the houses
  • Where the road splits, head left.
  • Stick to this path until you get back to the starting point.

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I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

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Adele O Connor
"Beautiful morning walk , breath taking scenery, highly recommend. Thanks Tracey good company as always x"


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