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Apps I use whilst out walking.

Our mobile phones can be great personal tools and security devices when out walking, and I would not leave the house without mine. Here's some of my favourite mobile apps for helping me keep on the right track and for personal safety whilst out hiking and exploring. I would suggest downloading the following apps, especially if you are walking alone!

Wikiloc | Trails of the World

A lovely app and desktop platform to discover and share the best outdoor trials for hiking, cycling and many other activities. You can create your own GPS tracks with your mobile phone, and upload to your profile, along with photos on route for others to see (You can make your trails private if you want) I have started using the premium version that includes live tracking to share with your contact back at home, perfect when walking alone. Find out more on the Wikiloc website

Alert Cops

AlertCops allows you to share your position with the people you want or with a rescue centre. You can also send photos and videos to the public security services, or periodically send your position during the time the alert is active. Moreover, you will receive security, emergency or informational notifications depending on where you are or chat with public security services in your own language. You can get more information here on the Alert Cops website

What 3 Words

Every 3m x 3m square in the world has a 3 word address. You can share your exact location whenever you want with this app...and very importantly, if you ever need to do so in an emergency. You can get more information here on the What 3 Words website

My Team Safe

This is actually a lone working app that I have been testing when I am out on my walks. It prompts you when you don't check in, and it contacts your designated point of contact if you don't! I would love to see this app designed around lone walkers! You can get more information here on the Team Safe website.

All Against The Fire

With wildfires being common in Spain, this app notifies you of active fires in your local area. Handy to know when you are out walking, and if you spot one, you can use it to notify of a fire (please also notify the emergency services directly) You can get more information here on the Google App Store

Last Quake

LastQuake is an app designed by seismologists that shows a list of all the recent earthquakes that've happened around the world with all the information you need to know about them. You can get more information here on the Google App Store

What Apps would YOU recommend? Please comment below ...

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Leon Dziurzynski
"Maps Me?? Shows all the paths in the world..you have to download in your current area on Wi-Fi. Does not shows routes. Only paths. "
Cora Unk
"Love your information. Keep it safe to enjoy your walks. "


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