Oria Hike - Pines - Loma de los Pobres

Suggested walk / hike in Oria.

If I have my geography correct, this walk touches on the Loma de los Pobres which translates as the hill of the poor. It's a lovely walk with some fantastic views down to Oria and surrounding area.

Walk name - Loma de los Pobres Circular

Distance - 7.98km / 4.96miles
Time - approx 2  hours (the dog kept sniffing!)
Elevation gain - 476ft
Elevation loss - 476ft 
Elevation max - 3,593ft / 1,095m
Elevation min - 3,153ft / 961m

I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

  • Park along Camino Viejo de Albox in Oria 
  • Walking away from Oria, with the pool to your right you will exit the residential area 
  • Walk along the road with the caravan park to your left (Urbanizacion Los Almendros / Urbanisation of the Olive Trees)
  • Just afterward, in the distance to your left are the ruins of a house, you will eventually end up here
  • Ignore the trail on your left soon after the caravan park 
  • Continue on the road. This road goes through a small rambla (the rambla is more obvious to your right) 
  • Soon after the rambla there is a trail on the left that goes back on itself, take this trail
  • Follow this past the ruins
  • After the ruins, continue on this trail round to the left
  • Soon afterward, there is a left bend, with two options. Take the one on the right. You will be coming down the other one to meet back here
  • You will be going through the pine forest. Go down and round to the right, along a straight flat path 
  • Soon you will find yourself walking up!
  • Ignore any small trails to the right
  • At the top you will come to a bend with two options (the trail to the right will take you to the road Camino del Barranco de Quiles, take the option to your left which will take you down
  • Ignore a turn-off to your right (near a water well?)
  • Keep following the path until you come out of the forest and to where the path joins the one you walked up on 
  • Follow round to the right and back past the ruins
  • Continue until Camino Viejo de Albox, turn right, walk past the caravans and back to your starting point
If you have tried this walk, please let others know about your experience in the comment area below - thank you x

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Previous comments

Leon Dziurzynski
"Fairly short walk through a very scenic landscape. Easy to follow. Quiet. Good!!!"
Chrissie FB
"Did this walk yesterday(Feb 2022), surrounded by beautiful almond blossom and stunning views along all the walk. A very enjoyable late afternoon walk."


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