Cantoria Hike - Broken Mast

Suggested walk / hike in Cantoria. 

Here's a suggested hiking route starting at Almanzora, along the old railway toward Cantoria, up the mountain to look out at the spectacular views, across the mountain range, then back down stopping in the village of Almanzora for a cold beer or glass of vino.

Walk name - The Broken Mast

Mileage - 5.71km / 3.5miles 
Time - approx 1.5 hours
Elevation gain - 125m / 410ft
Elevation loss - 125m / 410ft
Elevation max - 428m / 1,407ft
Elevation min - 312m / 1,024ft

I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

  • Start this walk at Bar Carillo in Almanzora
  • Walk up the side of Carillo Bar, at the end turn left toward the Estacion Bar, which is the old railway station building
  • Walk through the park area, then when exiting, take the path on the right that runs parallel to the road, with houses on your right... This is the old railway line.
  • At 1km you will go through a tunnel
  • Shortly after exiting the tunnel, pass a house on the right, then take the track on your right.
  • Follow the track up, round to the left, then drop down
  • At the junction, take a right. 
  • Then the first right.
  • Shortly after, you will come to a fork, take the left fork where you will start to climb
  • Continue until you see a hut on your left, then continue up until you get to a junction point.
  • Turn left and walk up until the next hut.
  • Shortly after, take a sharp right and incline further. Ensure that you follow this path (do not take the more obvious left track near the start) you will get your first view of the valley. 
  • You will eventually pass the mound with the broken mast, pass next to the first batch of solar panels then go under the next batch of solar panels which is about 1 km
  • Immediately after the second lot of solar panels, take the left path
  • In approx 300mtrs you will reach the cross which overlooks the village. 
  • If you go to the cross, backup and continue to follow the original path, dropping to the right
  • Continue declining until you walk between two houses (one slightly on the hill to your left), and with more houses in front of you 
  • Take a sharp right
  • At the next junction, take a left until you drop back into the village
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I would love to hear your feedback about this particular walk in the comments below.

Previous comments

Paula Jane Swain
"As the unfit one it was hard going, but with lots of love and encouragement I made it!! The views are the reward, oh and the drink after. Thank you Tracey and thank you all. I love this group x"
Caroline White
"A great walk for most abilities with one or two slightly steep parts but as the pace was comfortable on our group walk with Tracey, easily achievable. The views at the highest part were breathtaking. I am really enjoying seeing different campo areas near where we live plus meeting new people also. Thank you Tracey for organising the walks, the information is concise and the company really lovely. It is good to improve fitness too. Cali xxx "
Adele O Connor
"A hard walk / climb, but the reward is the breathtaking views. Thankyou Tracey for always being good company and helping others whatever walking abilities they have x"


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