Who is Tracey Bartlett

Who am I?

I'm a long-legged pescatarian with a passion for walking, the outdoor life, nature, and writing. A wife; mother; grandmother; and doggie mum living in gorgeous Spain. 

My life hasn't always been positive and fun as sun and sangria. I used to have a very different life where I endured severe bullying at school, stranger assault, abusive marriages and workplace sexual harassment. I foolishly grew up accepting this behaviour, my kindness and trust in others well and truly taken advantage of. I'm grateful that during my difficult journey I've learnt lessons that have helped me grow from a naive fragile young lady into the 'not-taking-shit-from-anyone-cos-my-wellbeing-always-comes-first' older wiser woman! Along the way I have met some extraordinary loving and supportive souls, with many becoming like family to me. I have some dear friends scattered around the world. My closest and most valuable friend is my soul mate Scott, the man who has supported me on my journey of self discovery, a team for almost 20 years. My life is so full of sunshine and so much love. I am blessed. Thank you universe!

"Don't be envious. My life is what it is today, because of what I went through yesterday"  ~ Me x

No one has become poor from giving ~ Anne Frank

I have enjoyed raising awareness and raising funds for worthy causes. Over the years, I have participated in the following: