Reflexology is simply one of my favourite therapies to date. I am instantly relaxed by the therapists welcoming and calming personality, instantly putting me at ease. Once settled I was offered background music layng back, listening to the music and drifting off into the land of bliss as my feet were worked on.

There are points on our feet that reflect certain parts of your body. For example, if you look at the big toe, that reflects the head. The line from the big toe down the inside of your foot to the heel reflects the spine. The left foot reflects the left side of your body; the right side is the right side of your body. When points are stimulated in the foot, the corresponding areas within the body will have the energies re-balanced, allowing them to flow more freely.

I usually experience some ‘crunching’ in an area of my foot & am told that this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything major to worry about; it could just mean that there could be a bit of an imbalance. Naturally crystals build up in the feet, so reflexology can also help to break them down.

Reflexologists can’t diagnose prescribe or cure. They give a healing treatment that’s tailored to an individual’s wellbeing (physical and non-physical). By the time my session come to an end I always feel less stressed and more relaxed! I am sure it wasn’t just down to the indulgent reflexology, but also being around such positive therapists.

I enjoy pampering my feet, I am grateful for them; they allow me to partake in my passion for walking. At the same time, through them I am allowing my body to receive some TLC and to rebalance. It was great knowing that they were in good hands…Literally!

I have decided that this isn't a therapy that I could practice in as I am not keen on touching my own feet, let alone someone else's! But I do admire those who can, and can make you feel as great as I did after this session!

Do you offer a Reflexology service? Please comment below with a short bio of what you offer and your name and contact details. I can HIGHLY recommend Leanne here in Spain, check out her experiences on my website page Recommended in Spain

Have you experienced this therapy? What did you think about it? Anyone that you can recommend?

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Nikki Lofting
"I am an intuitive reflexologist and foot reader. I also love feet! They talk and can tell us lots about the client and where they are in their journey. It is great to help someone grow and watch them become the person they should be. It's lovely to be part of that journey. Reflexology isn't for everyone as not many like feet, but those of us that do, I cannot think of anything more rewarding. "


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