Visitors to Oria, Almeria

The village of Oria, in the Almanzora Valley, Almeria, Southern Spain. 

Before the 1600s there were 80 inhabitants in Oria, now there's approx 2,500, and we are one of them. This beautiful village is now our new home since moving from Cantoria in July 2021. On this page, I try to help anyone who is visiting Oria and would like to know about the local area. With an altitude of 1022m above sea level, sweeping orchards and wonderful mountain ranges, Oria is a beautiful place to visit. 
Oria is divided into six districts; 
  1. Los Cerricos La Cañada | Los Cerricos | Doña Juana | Los Finos | Los Malinos | El Villar | La Yegua Baja 
  2. El Margen (The Margin) Los Álamos | Margen 
  3. El Negro (The Black) Capairola | El Chaparral | La Fuente del Negro | Fuente Jerónimo | El Negro 
  4. Ogarite El Chirral | Los Chulos | El Frax | Los Maguas | El Marchal | Ogarite . 
  5. Oria Oria 
  6. La Rambla de Oria Los Adrianes | El Arroyo Medina | El Barranco de Quiles | Los Chacones | El Daimuz | La Ermita | Los Gázquez | Los González | Los Jacintos | El Peñón Alto | El Peñón Bajo
Places to visit in Oria
Shops in Oria
Places to eat and drink in Oria
Festivals in Oria
Map of Oria

Places to visit in Oria

Castillo de Oria (Castle ruins & Viewing platforms)

You will find the remains of the fort perimeter which overlooked the village of Oria. The only entrance to this fort would have been from the North, where the north tower also connects with the farm house. Inside the Castle of Oria there are the deteriorated remains of what was, with viewing platforms to marvel over the wonderful open views, it is breathtaking up there. Now, you could walk all around the houses to get there, which is very pretty, and steep. Or you can start from The Bar San Antonio, walk down the side of it where it is better sign posted and less steep.
Calle Ciezar, s/n, 04810 Basilica du Nuestra 

Cerro de la Cruz

From almost anywhere in Oria you'll be able to see the Cross on the hill, the Cerro de la Cruz. I have been told that villages and towns have crosses overlooking them to ward off evil and protect the homes and people beneath it. I am happy to be corrected if you know otherwise. You can get to the cross, but you have to be willing to climb like a mountain goat. A friend and I did this and were greeted with a spectacular view. Dotted below us, we had cloud formations. I was in awe. The best place to start the walk is along Calle Retamar, near the Townhill. 

Senor de las Mercedes (Church)

This is "The House of Kings" a large public building with multiple functions built in the 18th Century. It stands in the centre of an urban area, a temple with a cruciform plan. It has 3 naves which are separated by pillars. Outside it has a single brick tower and octagonal bell tower. In 2008 the ruins were illuminated.
Calle de España, s/n, 04810 

Ermita de San Gregoria (Chapel)

Just on the outskirts on the old Cullar road is this little chapel, thought to be the site of the first parish chapel in the area. We have heard that it isnt opened but houses the saints for the festival processions.
Carretera AL-8100, 04810 

Chapel of unknown name

On Plaza Vieja, purely by chance because of getting lost, I found a little chapel. At the foot of Castillo de Oria.

Watchtower Rambla de Oria

-Yet to research-


Shops in Oria

I am not a keen shopper, but I am slowly learning which shops stock what, by exploring and taking my time.

Carniceria El Parrita (Butchers)

Since 1969 the Sanchez Martinez family have been making meat products for the residents of Oria. I love that they have been using family recipes handed down, and they do not use artificial preservatives or additives. Now, as you may know, I am a veggie (well, pescatarian) but I can appreciate this and my husband would love it if I visited this shop more often! The family supply establishments all around Almeria. All the production phases are carried out from this one location, from meat supplied by local farmers, which have been fed on a natural diet. You can find them on Avenida de Andalucía 63, 04810 Oria. If you would like to know more about the produce available, this link shows what you can find in their shop. (widgets are available for browsers, to translate) They are open weekdays 9.30am - 2pm and 5.30pm to 8.30pm. Also Saturdays 9.30am to 2.30pm

La Polaca Confiteria (Confectioners)

On Calle La Polaca, quite near to the church, you will find this little gem, it's been a traditional confectioner since 1875!. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for you, they've candied sweets, nougats and cakes, using recipes handed down the generations, many made by hand. Louisa served me on the day I visited, and she was just as sweet as what she serves. I think she told me her daughter Ana also works there, I believe Ana is the director. If you want to see some examples, visit the La Polaca Confectionery website, or visit them. They are open Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 2pm then 5pm until 9pm. They are even open Sundays 9am to 1.30pm, I presume because the market is held on that day just around the corner.

Zoosanitarios Fernandez

You can find this shop off the beaten track on Calle Menendez Pelayo. The friendly assistant was happy for me to just browse, and hopefully he understood when I tried to explain I was looking on my husband's behalf. A small shop, but a great selection of tools, hardware and dog food etc. A proper Aladdin's cave. Open week days only 8am to 2pm then 4pm until 9pm

Estanco Oria (Tobacconist)

I have no need to use this shop - I have added it here so you know where to go if you need to. This tobacconist is located down by the church

Supermercados Blas (Coviran)

At 35 Andalucia this supermarket is a great shop. The staff are very friendly and helpful, not at all phased by my attempts at Spanish. There's a great selection of Coviran brands, but also other brands too. With a meat and deli counter at the end of the shop.

Supermercados Naty 

At 9 Andalucia this supermarket appears to be open 7 days a week (until 2 on Sunday). Not my favourite of all the shops but stocks a fair bit of produce.

Comercial Marsan y Lomar

Off of Calle Nueva you will see the big green doors to this treasure. Open all but Sundays, 9am until 8pm (I think they close for some of the afternoon) I love this place, there's so much to rummage through, for the garden, kitchen, home, garage. They also stock animal feed, logs, clothing and more. Their service is good here too.

Cepsa Garage

Always a friendly team in here, the produce and products range are quite vast. They are open 7 days a week from 7am until 11pm

I have yet to find / visit the following shops. I have them added here so that you know they are also in Oria

Tienda Bodegas Garcia Gil

This is a home goods shop - yet to visit

Domingo Javier Garcia Requena (Pharmacy)

A pharmacy- yet to visit

Zapateria y Perfumeria Maria 

Shoe and perfume store -  yet to visit

Comercial Marsan y Lomar

Animal store - yet to visit

Juan Castillo Miras

Juan Castillo Miras is a bakery that uses an artisanal wood oven, on Calle Retamar- yet to visit


Places to eat and drink in Oria
Slowly we are working through the bars...obviously in the name of research!

Pepe's Bar

Situated off of the Oria roundabout, just past the turning for Calle Luis Sirest, this is a great find. We have sat outside and had a simple tapas, but I like the little Spanish bar inside. We've yet to try the main menu and the restaurant at the back, that is on our list of things to try. They offer 'dine in' and 'takeaway', but not delivery. Good to note that they are NOT open on Saturday's, otherwise I believe that they are open 7am, until midnight. A-399, 109, 04810 Oria, Almería, Spain

Bar El Frax

Esperanza and Pedro always give a friendly hello. The atmosphere here is relaxed, with a good mix of English and Spanish. There's a few tables and chairs available inside and out, with a tapas menu available.

Bar San Antonio

A great little bar with a few outside table and chairs opposite the town hall. A good place to people watch, especially on market day.

Gregorio's Pizzeria

A lovely English run Pizzeria with a bar and seating downstairs, seating also upstairs and out on the balcony overlooking Oria church. They are open Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays, offering breakfast 9-12 and re-open 7pm until 11pm for pizza, burgers and panini. You will find this up one of the backstreets, 21 Calle San Juan.


Festivals in Oria

5th - The Three Kings procession (Reyes Magos). Santa doesn't come down the chimney here in Spain, the three kings come on this special day throwing toys and sweets into the eagerly waiting crowd. The three kings names are Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. We have enjoyed 'Roscon de Reyes' cake around this time. A traditional cake where you will find whoever gets the bean is responsible for paying for the cake, the person who gets the treasure is deemed King for the day. 

17th - Día de San Antón Owners of pets take them to receive a blessing from the Patron Saint of Animals 

3rd - San Blas 
28th - Día de Andalucía commemorates the referendum which gave full autonomy to Andalusia. The Andalusian flag is proudly displayed. 

21st - Día de San Marcos Feasts are taken in to the fields and rambla to honour Saint Marcos, the king of puddles. 

3rd - Día de la Cruz The day of the cross 
9th - Día de San Gregorio Ostiense is celebrated with a procession of the saint along with a band

9th to 11th - Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos 

Virgen de las Mercedes - The patron saint of Oria 

Map of Oria


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