Recommended Businesses and Services near Albox

Recommended businesses near Albox, Andulusia, Spain

I thought I would start this page to provide information on businesses that I recommend here in Spain. Information is correct at time of publishing, please ensure you check information with the source. I hope that it is useful for you.
I have listed recommended places to visit on other pages within my website - do check them out


ITV - via GoCar in Arboleas
As a female I dread going to a garage at the best of times. I was pretty worried about this when we came to live in Spain, especially with my limited Spanish!! (They don't serve wine in garages, shame!) However, the guys at @gocararboleas were brilliant when we had our car problems in 2020. So I decided to take our car to have a Pre-ITV test when it was due. I received some great advice and even better... the ITV was booked by them directly with the relevant governing body, and they are taking it for us... so we don't have to worry! I got a friendly happy smile and great customer service by the lovely Leah on reception. She speaks English for those who are worried about going to a Spanish garage.
Polígono Industrial Los Llanos Calle Almazara 24 Arboleas, Spain | 634 60 83 02


Alsedur Bricolaje - Arboleas
This is one of my favourite shops in Arboleas / Albox. They have a range of decorating items, pet products, homeware, gardening items, heaters, gift ideas ...and for those looking, a variety of English branded items...and much much more. This shop always has something new in it when I visit! Don't worry if you are looking for something specific but can't find it. The staff are really helpful and many are bilingual. Here's their Facebook Page
Calle Almazara, 22 Polígono Industrial Norte, Arboleas, Spain | 693 50 41 09


Clinica Dental - Albox
This must be one of the cleanest and most professional dentist surgery that I have visited, in the many many years of needing fillings, crowns and extractions. If you are looking for a dentist I would highly recommend that you contact them. Here is a link to the Clinica Dental Inmaculada Instagram account, where I found out about them originally. They offer many dental services. Don't be scared, they are such lovely people, with Spanish and English speaking staff available.
Avenida de América 28, 2B Albox, Spain, 04800 | 664 58 79 24

Nexo Almanzora Vets - Albox
If you have a pet and are looking for a vet, then I can highly recommend the team at Nexo Almanzora in Albox. You will probably get to speak with Sam or Melisa on the telephone and get to see Maika, Alicia, Pepe or Jose. All are lovely professional knowledgeable people that really know how to put you at ease, especially during some rather stressful moments that I have had as a new dog owner. A dedicated team who obviously love animals very much. Hector and foster Diesel love them dearly. They have a Nexo Almanzora Facebook Page where you can also make contact
Carretera estacion 17 Albox, Spain, 04800 | 950 43 08 14

What services do YOU recommend in Andulusia? Please comment below.

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