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Hector is my awesome kind loving DOG. The first dog I have had the pleasure of calling my own. This is where I update you on some of his antics. Hector has his own Instagam Account, please do consider following Hectors Instagram Account

Run Rabbit!

Diesel and Hector have been walking so well together. In fact Diesel is showing Hector the correct way to walk, and I am liking it! However, all good doggies have their wicked side. Like when another dog comes running out of nowhere with a huge rabbit in its mouth and crosses our path. Trying to hold back two large dogs,a combined 81kg (13 stone),is no mean feat. Especially one-handed as the other is caught up in your bag as you were in mid rummage.

Updated March 2021

Diesel is in the house!

Diesel is one of the biggest dogs I have known. I left him some treats one day, as I felt sorry for him, he was all skin and bones, and was afraid to approach me. The following week he came out of no where and licked my hand. He then followed me the 2 miles home and once he had eaten his body weight in food, I thought he would leave. He didn't!

Hector initially was wary of Diesel in his territory, but they have become great friends and loves their walks together with me. Diesel is currently being nursed to health as he is painfully thin, with a lot of sores on his body and we have taken off over 100 ticks off him. He seems to be very friendly and appreciative. He loves nothing more than to have a lovely cuddle with you, and if you let him, he likes to climb up onto your lap for some extra special cuddles. A far cry from Hector who hates too much attention given to him.

Once nursed to health, Diesel will be looking for another home. We are only fostering him.....at the moment!!

Updated March 2021

Doggie Doggie Woof Woof**

Part way up the mountain a scary black cloud came out from hiding behind it and started wrapping around behind us. We had no choice but to continue onward toward the clearer sky. It looked safer there. Hector was as keen as I was not to turn back, as the thunder and lightening came from nowhere!

What I hadn't counted on, and was more obvious as we approached the top, is that big black clouds can be enormous... as we watched it creep over the mountain beside us, and around the mountain to now be infront. Its arms open wide to welcome us. Hector was brave. The thunder wasn't too close but I knew dog ears are sensitive, so I wanted to get home quick, in case the storm got closer.

As I thought that. It did just that. I've never walked up the mountain road so fast. My heart rate reached 143bpm (my resting rate is 58!) And I don't know if that was from the walk rate (3 miles in 40min) or from the fear of a potential lightening strike. They were getting more frequent and brighter with fork lightening. Hector and I seemed to be attracting the damn thing like a magnet!

When the sky turned a yellow colour and it went eeriely quiet from the absence of bird song, l got worried and my excessively high pitched reassurances to Hector started to wane and I practically ran down the other side.....Bang!!!! Now the storm was in front of us again, where there wasn't even a dark cloud.That's when I gave in and phoned Scott to save us.... Just as Hector pulled me toward an embankment to hide in the trees at the bottom! He'd had enough of being brave and was as pleased as I was to get into the car as our Knight in shining armour pulled up!

"When you're in the middle of a storm cloud it's hard to think outside of it, but the only way out of the storm is to ride through it... and things will be a lot clearer on the other side" - Jodi Bickley

Updated June 2020

** "Doggie Doggie Woof Woof" some saying that I picked up as a kid and say everytime there is a storm LOL


It's always a bit of a worry when you introduce two dogs together for the first time. But when introduced to Luna both pooches got on llike a house on fire. Luna is a rescue dog too, and is equally lucky to have found a hooman that loves and cares for her. She is a gentle alsatian dog, with a mellow and laid-back disposition. The name Luna means "moon". A name that came to her owner in a dream. It is fantastic to watch them take it in turns to be submissive. They love kissing, licking, slobbering and jumping all over each other. I think Hector has found a playmate for life!

Updated June 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar and Dogs (ACV)

Has anyone introduced Apple Cider Vinegar into their pooches diet and/or diluted on their fur? Did you find a reduction of ticks on your dogs? It's (hopefully!!) coming to the end of a rather long wet season and as a result, and despite the escalibor collar, Hector has had his fair share of hitch hikers during his daily adventures. I've picked up some drops from Mercadona but I am loath to use them tbh. I would rather try something more natural. I'm interested to see if any of you have had success with ACV. Please comment below.

Updated May 2020

A month with a dog

It's been a month now, and boy o boy what a month its been. It has been harder than I thought but very rewarding. When we first welcomed Hector
  • I had firm ideas of what he would be allowed to do or be on... he taught me flexibility.
  • When we said hello I slept 8hours a night.... he's taught me you can just about survive on 3.
  • When we got Hector I thought that I had the patience of a Saint... he taught me to dig deeper.
  • When we accepted Hector there was only one male that made me smile broadly and make me belly laugh....hes taught me to let in another.
Hector is one of the family and a very much loved and pampered pooch. Here's to more;dog hugs; unintentional bruises & scratches; slobber; hectorcise; sit paw; running like Tigger; protecting the family home. PLEASE PLEASE, NO MORE. poop scoop retching; pulled backs; upset dog tummies; chewed cables; sleepless nights and items stolen.

I feel very blessedLove him x
Updated August 2019

Dogs don't understand lockdown

It's currently 11/30 of our official lockdown here in Spain, and we just know that it's going to be much much longer than that. Hector and I can't wait to go on a loooong walk. The permitted 50meters from home just doesn't cut it for us. But needs must. It's the rules here. Hector and I run in the garden a bit every day, even in all this rain. (At least we're getting some exercise) I am getting far less than my usual 20k steps a day. But I consider myself lucky as there are some families with small children living in flats with no dog and are not permitted to go outside unless it's to the shop. Living in the countryside and not being able to walk in it is very hard. I can hear the wild boar at night. I can hear the birds in the day (I love the Hoope bird call) and I know that when all this is over, it will be there for us to walk among. And I will appreciate it even more

Stay safe.
Stay sane

Updated March 2019

Mistreated & abandoned dogs

I honestly don't know how anyone can mistreat or abandon a dog. After just 2 weeks of Hector being in our home, I can't imagine my day without him. He is family.

Mistreated and abandoned dogs are a real issue here in Spain. The figures are very high. Birth of the unwanted, and the dogs abandoned at the end of the hunting season. (please don't get me started on the ones who have their lives shortened deliberately!!! )

If you are ever considering getting a pooch. Please do consider adopting. Ever consider adopting from abroad? The dogs and the charities will love you for it. I have provided some useful links on this page for those who are looking for charities to adopt a pooch.
Updated July 2019

Hector has his own Instagam Account, please do consider following hectorhouse_casa

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