Charity Work

No one has become poor from giving ~ Anne Frank

There's nothing more rewarding than giving some time to a local charity. There's lots of ways that you can help a local charity, even without handing over money. Volunteering your time can really help a small charity. Being involved with the charity The Sara Lee Trust started me on my journey and what I learnt whilst helping them was invaluable & something I will treasure.

I have enjoyed raising awareness and raising funds for worthy causes over the years by:

  • being a Trustee for a year
  • volunteering my skills
  • abseiled 128ft down Ocean House (despite a fear of heights!)
  • walked 16km (10 mile) Night to Remember chaity walk
  • walked 26km (16mile) 1066 charity walk
  • walked 42km (26.6 miles) over the South Downs
  • walked 100km (62.5 miles) from London to Brighton
  • struggled through Dry January many times
  • dressed up for various Children in Need events