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Lockdown made us all think about what we eat, and how to provide for ourselves, if the worst came to the worst. I didn't have a clue what to do, but it didn't stop me. Have you grown your own herbs fruit or vegetables? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Especially if you are attempting this in the summer heat of Spain!!

Thanks Hector!!!!

Well. I am not happy. I emptied two large white containers today. I fancied some spicy potato wedges for lunch. How many potatoes did I get from the two tubs? Place your bets.....4 small potatoes! Thanks to Hector for his help trying to get the potatoes out, and for eating the potatoes when my back was turned! Instagram post showing the video A week or so later, Hector was sick one evening. I felt so sorry for him. The next morning I checked on my crops to find that he had dug up two pots of freshly planted potatoes, and eaten all 8 of them! They were rotting potatoes that had just started shooting a plant. I was no longer in the mood to feel sorry for Hector!


The first fruits of my labour

I've just picked the first of the chillies ready to use in cooking and to freeze. The smaller bulbs (when on the plant) look like pretty Christmas lights, a mix of green, purple, yellow, orange and red. I think the they are called Prairie Fire Pepper and my hubby Scott can vouch for their hotness.They're 9 to 32 times hotter than Jalapeño on the Jalapeño scale!!!! So, Scott, probably not a good idea to pop a whole one in your mouth eh?! Jeez!

The courgettes are growing. Not sure they will do well as I am having to take off dead leaves most days. We will see. The green leaves are coming on well and I am looking forward to having them in my salad. The carrots are just peeking through the soil, It's exciting to see that.

My second attempt at tomatoes are coming on well. I'm not thinning them out for a long while yet. I think I did them way too early last month and may explain them dying over night.... Or it could have been that pesky Locust! My potatoes are flowering, so I don't suppose it will be long before we will be enjoying those! I wonder how many this box will bring? Jackets potatoes, homemade wedges, potato salad, Spanish omlette and veg curry here I come... Hopefully


I started this 'grow your own' malarky very naively.

"Plant a potato, with its shoots pointing up, in some soil" I read. I didn't know that I was using the wrong type of container and that two potatoes in that sized pot was rather excessive... until the leaves got bigger. So, here's the day I went to see if anything had grown. My first attempt to grow anything other than a plant. I emptied it hoping to repot the plants without damaging them. Hoping that it wasn't all mush inside. Guess who's got 12 baby potatoes for her tea?! I was very happy, and hoped that my grandad was looking down with pride (I have fond memories of his allotment). I re-potted the leaves and crossed my fingers that they start to grow another batch of potatoes ready for more potato salad with pesto.


Aceite de oliva (Olive Oil).

I use Aceite de oliva (Olive Oil) a lot in my cooking. I have read that there are over 250 different varieties of olives here in Spain, making them the biggest producer in the whole world (Spain is the second biggest consumer, with Greece beating them). Olive trees have an average lifespan of up to 600 years, so I’m chuffed to recently nurture ones saved from beneath slabs of concrete (their shoots are strong buggers!) Now Spain have 3 more to add to their 300million+ olive trees.

With the high winds that we have experienced lately (normal in this area at this time of year), many of our crop are falling to the ground, either trampled underfoot or eaten by Hector (don’t fret, they are not toxic). They’re edible straight of the tree but are very bitter and have compounds which are ideally better removed… so when I saw our friendly farmer Paco harvesting his olive trees, I invited him to harvest ours too.

Why let all that goodness go to waste! I wasn't expecting anything in return, so It was lovely to recieve 2 LARGE bottles of Aceite de oliva. Yum!

Natural Weed Killer

Got pets and weeds? Me too. I obviously don't want to use weed killer because I know it would be harmful to Hector, and the environment. I investigated safe alternatives to purchase online, but felt that they were expensive. So I did more research and made my own....and it worked!!!

If you make this please DON'T use it on grass areas. It kills grass!! It's ideal on patios.

  • 1 ltr of white vinegar. The higher the acidicity the better (mine was 8%)

  • 1-2 tbsp washing up liquid (helps to coat the leaves)

  • Spray on

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