Oranges and Lemons

I bet you couldn't read the title of this article without signing or humming in your head "Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. Clements, I owe you five farthings, Say the bells of St. Martins..."
These aren't like the oranges you'll find in a supermarket... these are real. Some are marked, some battered and some small. But they're fresh from the orchards that surrounds our home and they are absolutely DELICIOUS. The lovely Paco and Isla farm the lemon and orange orchards that surround our home in Almanzora, Spain, They have kindly offered us to take what we want, when we want it. How generous is that!

They work hard on the land, often very late at night and early in the morning... to avoid the heat, work the irrigation system, and to battle against the wild boar! The fruit they harvest are delicious golden jewels dripping from the trees, their orange flesh as bright as the sun that watches over them.

We now have fresh orange juice in abundance, and I feel very blessed. Thank you universe!