Lobster Mobile: Is it worth having?

Shell Yeah! Lobster Mobile is awesome!

Lobster Mobile is an ideal solution for us ex-pats, especially if you can't speak the lingo yet. They speak English! in a world where staying connected is essential. I, for one, was not a happy bunny when our internet was down on the days we had family time planned during Covid. It was essential for me to find the right mobile service provider, and I haven’t once regretted signing up to this one. If you're on the hunt for a SIM only mobile service, that's not only easy to use, but also light on the wallet, then look no further.

What makes Lobster Mobile the ultimate catch in the sea of wireless providers?

Gone are the days of complicated contracts, hidden fees, and mind-boggling plans. Which is great because, as you’re probably finding out, anything official and paperwork based here in Spain is enough to contend with. In 5 simple steps, you'll be ready to go:

  1. go to their website and buy your plan
  2. set up payment details
  3. they will send you a SIM card
  4. put it into your phone
  5. activate it online (by calling them) 
That's it!
I love that Lobster Mobile keeps things refreshingly simple. Signing up is a breeze, with jumping through hoops or spend hours deciphering fine print. With just a few clicks, you're on your way to seamless connectivity. 

Once you have an account set up, If you need to check your balance, top up your data, or change your plan - It's all right there at your fingertips, via the user-friendly interface of Lobster Mobile's website and App. They have made managing your account easy-peasy. Say goodbye to endless phone calls and waiting on hold – Lobster Mobile puts you in control.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t had issues. I will be transparent here. The first time I went to the UK, I found I couldn’t connect. But I was thrilled with the customer service I experienced. They talked me through some setting changes, and I was immediately back online.

Shell Out Less, Surf More with Lobster Mobile

Let's face it, we would rather be spending our hard-earned dosh on ice-cold Sangria, Tapas, and exploring our new homeland... rather than on bills. Lobster Mobile seems to understand this, which is why they offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. With plans that even suited my budget – and I am tight when it comes to my money! - I've enjoyed reliable coverage and lightning-fast speeds without the hefty price tag. Plus, with a no-contract commitment, which I doubt that I will need to worry about anytime soon, I have no plans to change provider.

Say goodbye to complicated contracts and outrageous fees, and hello to simplicity, affordability, and unparalleled connectivity. By using My Referal Link, you support this blog. When you sign up and activate your account, I will receive €20. And even better, YOU will get €5 off your first plan payment too. So, everyone’s a winner! Dive in today and experience the difference for yourself. Your wallet – and your sanity – will thank you.