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Joining a walking group isn't always possible or wanted. You may find the pace too fast; you may feel that your fitness levels needs addressing first; or just not have the confidence to meet new people yet. That's OK. I offer an option of 121 sessions, or smaller groups for individuals who have visiting family or friends, or those offering accommodation and want to offer something to their guests.

WalkTallSpain 121 or private group

Residents, non-residents, holidaymakers, or walking group family members are welcome to contact me to arrange a walking route that suits them. I am English, and a resident here in Spain, trying very hard to learn Spanish (Poco Poco!!)

How much does this cost?

This depends on the number of people, desired location, and length of walk - I can create a package to suit your needs and budget

Are dogs and children welcome? 

For private groups and individual 1-2-1 walks, yes they are. But please abide by the local dog laws, and know that you will be responsible for their safety and wellbeing at all times.

What locations are available?

The walking routes offered are usually within a 25-mile (ca. 40 km) radius of Albox, Spain. Focused mostly around Almanzora, Albox, Cantoria, and up in and around the mountains of Oria and sometimes down by Mojacar. The distance of the routes vary (up to 10 miles ca. 16 km). 

Are there any refreshment stops? 

Everyone is asked to bring suitable refreshments with them. And where a café, bar or restaurant stop is indicated on route, everyone is responsible for ordering and paying for their own refreshments.

What about responsibility? 

We are all personally responsible for ourselves and accept this when agreeing to follow a route. Please ensure that you understand any route being taken and are capable of walking it without hindrance. It is everyone's responsibility to check the weather on the day and make informed choices based on that information, keeping in mind their own well-being, health, and safety

Does WalkTall have Insurance?

On advice, I do NOT have group insurance as we are individuals walking at our own risk and this is to be understood before agreeing to walk with me. It's suggested to consider personal accident insurance / holiday insurance that covers your walking activities planned.

What's recommended to bring on the day of a walk?

  • a positive attitude and love of walking 
  • torch for low light situations 
  • hi-vis for roads (safety & to avoid upsetting law enforcement)
  • appropriate clothes for the weather (hat!)
  • basic first aid supplies
  • walking shoes / boots 
  • bug spray
  • charged mobile phone 
  • drink / snacks
  • cash for refreshment stops


Please email me with proposed dates; number of people and areas of interest - and I will get right back to you 

When plans have been made, you will be asked to print off this page, sign a copy and return to me as confirmation that you have understood the above

Name ________________________ Sign  _________________________   Date _______________

Previous comments

"A couple of years ago, Tracey and I chatted about improving my health, I'd decided I wanted to lose some weight and get a bit fitter. Not only did she inspire me to make the first step by agreeing to walk regularly, but also to accommodate my 'awkward' need to start early in the morning, to accommodate working. All went well for almost a year, then she moved to Oria!!! We met a few times to keep me motivated, but with my work commitments and the distance, we had to stop. I was very disappointed and ribbed Tracey that she was to blame for me reverting to my old ways lol. I absolutely loved the experience and seeing the local area we live in, with such a different view and perspective, so I was thrilled when she returned to Almanzora. However, my busy work schedule means walking still has to take a back seat for a while. But as Arnold once said, "I will be back!""
Geoff Murrell
"I was interested in getting fitter, losing some weight, improving my health and enjoying the beautiful Spanish countryside. I wanted to join the WalkTall group but realised that I had no idea how far I could walk or if I'd be able to keep up with a group of experienced walkers. I spoke to Tracey, and she suggested some early morning 1-2-1 walks to test my ability, before I joined the group walks. I'm glad she did, because after a couple of weeks of gradually increasing distance and pace, I felt confident to join in a group walk in Oria. I know that if I had attempted that with no preparation, I would have found it very tough, so thank you, Tracey, for taking me on some lovely local walks. If you are thinking of joining a walk, but aren't sure if you are fit enough, I can recommend talking to Tracey about 1-2-1 walking, especially in preparation for the group walks"


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