Market Days in Almeria Spain

Market Days in Almeria

I love market day, the hustle, and bustle, the noise, the smells, the tastes. What I love the most about markets is the vibrant sense of community they create. They truly are the heart and soul of any village, town, or city. The variety of foods available is always astounding, offering fresh and unique flavours to explore. As someone who adores finding great deals, I’m particularly drawn to the affordable clothing options. There’s something incredibly satisfying about discovering hidden gems at such reasonable prices. Markets are a place where both the essence of local culture and the thrill of bargain hunting come to life.

Tips for Visiting Markets in Spain

  1. Arrive Early: Get there early to avoid crowds and find the freshest products. 
  2. Bring Cash: Many vendors prefer cash over cards. 
  3. Reusable Bags: Carry reusable bags for your purchases. 
  4. Learn Basic Spanish: Simple phrases can enhance your experience and interactions. 
  5. Sample Local Delicacies: Don’t hesitate to try free samples. 
  6. Wear Comfortable Shoes: Markets can be large, so be prepared to walk. 
  7. Negotiate Prices: Haggling is often expected, especially in non-food stalls. 
  8. Plan Your Visit: Research market days and times beforehand. 
  9. Stay Hydrated: Carry water, especially if visiting during summer. 
  10. Respect Local Customs: Be polite and patient, as cultural norms may differ. 
Enjoy immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and unique offerings of Spanish markets!

Where's YOUR local market, and what day of the week is it held? It would be great to extend this list and allow others to find them, especially the smaller ones. Please comment below. Please also let me know of any changes to this list and I will amend it - thank you

Days of the Week Table
  • Fines
  • La Alfoquia
  • Oria
  • San Juan de los Terreros
  • Villaricos

  • Almunecar
  • Antas
  • Berja
  • Huercal Overa
  • Vera Playa

  • Albox
  • Almeria
  • Cuevas del Almazora
  • Los Gallardos

  • Bedar
  • Cantoria
  • Lubrin
  • Mojacar
  • Paomares
  • Velez Blanco

  • Carboneras
  • Cuevas del Almanzora
  • Huercal Overa
  • Lorca
  • Olula del Rio
  • Purchena
  • Sorbas

  • Almanzora
  • Almeria
  • Chirivel
  • Garrucha
  • Tberno
  • Turre
  • Uleila del Campo
  • Zurgena

  • Arboleas
  • Auilas
  • Arboleas
  • Tijola
  • Velez Rubio
  • Vera

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Jane Donarski
"Just incase you didn't receive my email there is a small market in Hurcal on Thursdays by the church not on the Main Street. "
Jane Donarski
"Brilliant information Thank you! However I wasn't aware Hurcal Overa had a maket on a Thursday as well as a Monday but I will go on Thursday and see. Thanks for the info "
"Brilliant thanks for this really useful "


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