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There are many beautiful and interesting places to visit with family and friends. Andalusia is the most populous and the second-largest autonomous community in Spain and here I mention some of the places that I am happy to recommend. I would love to hear from you if you have visited any of these, or maybe you can recommend some of your own. Please feel free to comment below. Follow me on Instagram to see more photos

- Albox Chirivel - 

Monastery of the Virgin Del Saliente

What a beautiful building. It is a monastery, restaurant and hotel in 18th Century stone, simple beautiful. We had a delicious lunch and couldn't fault it. The views are fantastic up on the mountain, and I'm sure that it will be even more spectacular once the almond trees are in blossom. This is the most important pilgrimage centres in the Spanish southeast. Sarretera Al-71100 Km, 21 Albox _ Almeria | Located on the road between Albox and Chirivel.I have contacted them to ask for definitive days and times of opening to add them here for your convenience.

- Castril - 

Sierra de Castril Natural Park 

We returned to Sierra de Castril Natural Park, last visited with my in laws over a decade ago. It was designated a natural park in 1989 and is stunning. This time we walked the circular walk, which in hindsight we were ill-equipped for, but it was a great adventure along wooden walk ways, swaying bridges and steep climbs that a mountain goat would have felt right at home with! To give our hearts a chance to settle we stopped at a little bar at the very top.

- Ocre - 

Ocre village 

Orce is beautiful. You can sit in the square to enjoy a coffee and churro whilst listening to the bells of the church. At Orce are some of the most important Palaeontological* sites in Europe and Asia. Only 2kms from the center is the natural spring of Fuencaliente, where water flows at between 18 and 20 degrees throughout the year!  (*a science dealing with the life of past geologic periods as known from fossil remains)

- Olula del Rio -

Museo Ibanez and the Pérez Siquier Center 

If you get the opportunity go to Olula del Río and visit the amazing Museo Ibanez and the Pérez Siquier Center. Home to the largest collections of Contemporary Art in Andalusia. Amazingly this is offered to visitors for FREE! I can't fault the place as the staff are wonderful, the buildings are clean and modern. As for the art, they were very thought provoking. I love that it got us wondering, translating, debating and sometimes giggling.

- Oria -

The village of Oria

As we lived in Oria for a short while, I have dedicated a separate page to showcase the places to visit in Oria, Spain.

- Seron -

La Jordana  

Serón is about 40mins away from our village and situated on the northern slopes of the Sierra de los Filabres. It's there that I visited the picnic area la Jordana and spent a very enjoyable few hours in the fresh cool air of the mountains, enjoying a 'bring your own picnic' and a game of Boules/Pétanque with my good neighbour friends.

Castillo / Castle and Museum 

This 13th Century Castle ruin (free) gives you an impressive view of the Almanzora Valley. The steep climb to get there is well worth the effort.The Museum next to the castle (free) is a small museum where you can practice reading in Spanish to learn the history of the local area. Being next to the castle, be warned that its a steep climb to get there.

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