Almanzora and Cantoria

Almanzora ("the Victorious one," or "the place of victory.") is a quiet village in the province of Almería and in the municipality of Cantoria. If you are here looking for information on Cuevas del Almanzora then this isnt the page for you, as they are two very different villages!
Almanzora shares its name with the river Almanzora. Traditionally agriculture is the residents main economy with the fields of Orange and Lemon citrus fruits.

Last updated 23rd August 2019

Bar Carrillo

I love this Spanish bar on Calle Estacion in Almanzora, a great place to try out my limited Spanish, I have had some interesting drinks as a result! They open early enabling the spanish workers to get refreshed before they go off to work and I am sometimes seen in there having a morning coffee after a walk across the Rambla. The owners Andres and Maria, their family and other staff are very friendly, they run that bar and kitchen brilliantly, the place is spotless. There's a real mix of Spanish and English clientele, everyone is made to feel welcome. There's a small tapas menu and I have enjoyed what I have ordered. Carrillo's have an excellent selection of drinks, Im a wine drinker and can honestly say that the wines are great, when I drink spirits I like their measures! They regularily have entertainment on a Sunday, and entertainment for the younger generation some evenings. Definitely one to visit in Almanzora.

Almanzora - Fiesta Dates

Almanzora Fiestas dates for your diary
  • The San Antones. (the night of January 16).
  • San Ildefonso (January 23).
  • Almanzora pattern. Las Migas (February 28). During the celebration of the day of Andalusia, people gather next to the Palace, to savor the typical dish of this area,
  • Las Migas. Las Meriendas (in spring, Easter Sunday) Day of coexistence in the countryside, where people gather along the banks and tributaries of the Almanzora River. You should not miss the traditional hornazo at snack time .
  • Feast of the Holy Cross (May 1).
  • Festivity of CORPUS CHRISTI (last Sunday of May).
  • Feasts of the Virgin (August 15).

Almanzora - LA ESTACIÓN

I'm loving the new addition to our village in Almanzora. It's always great to have choice of venues locally, especially when we have visitors. (Hubby's happy.... they stock Estrella) The station is clean and modern and the lovely couple who served us were very friendly and didn't mind my awkward attempts at Spanish. Like with other venues in the village, we've been made to feel welcomed during our new life in Spain. We sat on the old station platform to have our drinks as the sun went down. The light was amazing. Its a fantastic spot to see the sunset over the mountain and to watch the elders going for an evening stroll.

Cantoria - Fiesta Time

They sure know how to party over here!!! The Cantoria Fiesta, the Festivities of San Cayetano go from Wednesday to Sunday. They start at midnight and some mornings have still been heard from our home 3miles away at 9am!!! We popped over on Thursday night, only staying a short time, but I loved the colour, the Spanish music and watching the elders dancing. The celebrations revolve around the holiday of one of its employers, San Cayetano. As San Cayetano accompanied San Antón in his day, San Antón is also present in the parties of San Cayetano.

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