Do you have a spiritual business?

In my day to day business (Business Helpers) I have chosen to specialise and surround myself with positive people with the same outlook on life as me. I believe that "Like Attracts Like" so I made a conscious decision to surround myself with people who are going to lift me higher. Where their positivity is infectious. I really enjoy helping these groups in marketing their skills and services. Being a spiritual person and typical Capricorn I have a calming approach using my excellent organisational skills to benefit many of my clients.

Like attracts like in business.

Many of my most recent clients and business connections fall into the field that many would call 'alternative' are you someone I could help?
  • Positivity Coaches
  • Transformational Teachers
  • Life Coaches
  • EFT Therapists
  • Mediums
  • Pilates & Yoga Instructors
  • Angel Card Readers
  • Meditation Teachers
  • Reflexologists ....the list goes on.

"You are who you surround yourself with" ~ Selena Gomez

Exposure to people who are grateful has the potential to develop the way we think. What business connections and clients are you surrounding yourself in at the moment? Are they a negative or positive influence on you, and therefore your business? What energy are you putting out? Is your negativity attracting the same back? The more you ignite your business connections with your positive enthusiastic and passionate energy, the bigger your network becomes, be that face-to-face or online! Positive relationships are very important to me in business & I want to surround myself with more of this. Therefore I ask that if you are as described above and you need my help, please contact me and let's discuss your needs further.

NO sign up or monthly fee, help only when you need it, Business Services your business can afford!

Tracey Bartlett - FeedsMySoul and Business Helpers owner

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